2007Rustbelt RNA Meeting






Talk abstracts

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Time Presenter Title PI email
Friday 01:10-01:30pmAlok Sharma
Probing Functions for Son in Nuclear Speckle Structure and Gene Expression. paula.bubulya@wright.edu
Friday 01:30-01:50pmFei Liu
Coupling of ATP binding and hydrolysis to duplex unwinding by the DEAD-box protein Ded1p exj13@case.edu
Friday 01:50-02:10pmWenqian Hu
Regulation of translation by mRNA decapping factors jmc71@case.edu
Friday 02:30-02:50pmZhongxin Lu
A lentiviral-based genetic library for microRNA and its applications y0li0019@gwise.louisville.edu
Friday 02:50-03:10pmYanglong Zhu
MicroRNA hsa-mir-346 As A Schizophrenia Susceptibility Gene yong.li@louisville.edu
Friday 07:10-07:30pmFrank Ragone
Determinates of Binding and Editing of the Adenosine to Inosine tRNA editing complex from Trypanosoma brucei alfonzo.1@osu.edu
Friday 07:30-07:50pmSarah Walker
Role of the P/E state in ribosomal translocation fredrick.5@osu.edu
Friday 07:50-08:10pmKirk Gaston
C to U Editing at Position 32 of the Anticodon Loop Precedes tRNA 5' Leader Removal in Trypanosomatids alfonzo.1@osu.edu
Friday 08:10-08:30pmPeter Palenchar
The Effect of Oxidative Stress on the Levels of tRNA Modifications peterpal@crab.rutgers.edu
Friday 08:30-08:50pmJane Jackman
Probing the mechanism and substrate specificity of the unusual 3'-5' polymerization reaction catalyzed by the tRNAHis guanylyltransferase (Thg1) jackman.14@osu.edu
Friday 09:10-09:30pmHui Zhang
Instrumentation and metrology for single RNA counting in biological complexes or nanoparticles by a single-molecule dual-view system guop@purdue.edu
Friday 09:30-09:50pmFeng Xiao
Engineering of an active artificial bacteriophage phi29 pRNA guop@purdue.edu
Friday 09:50-10:10pmTae Jin Lee
Interaction with pRNA and DNA-dependent ATP hydrolysis of gp16 of bacterial virus phi29 DNA packaging motor guopn@uc.edu
Saturday 08:20-08:40amHua-Lin Zhou
FOX, SF1 and SR proteins cooperate directly in the assembly of U2AF and the prespliceosomal E complex hxl47@case.edu
Saturday 08:40-09:00amSapna Varia
Elucidating a role for Btf in pre-mRNA transcription and splicing paula.bubulya@wright.edu
Saturday 09:00-09:20amEdward Turk
Yeast SUV3 Promotes Group I Intron Splicing by Recycling Co-factors from Excised Intron RNPs mgc3@cwru.edu
Saturday 09:20-09:40amRavi Singh
Molecular mechanism of genotoxic stress induced alternative splicing of MDM2 chandler@ccri.net
Saturday 09:40-10:00amVictoria Barron
Regulation of NF1 Alternative Splicing By CELF Proteins hua.lou@case.edu
Saturday 10:20-10:40amJohn Means
Structural studies of the Bacillus subtilis T box antiterminator/tRNA model complex hinesj@ohio.edu
Saturday 10:40-11:00amMark Ditzler
Active Site Architecture and Global Stability of the Hairpin Ribozyme nwalter@umich.edu
Saturday 11:00-11:20amMina Sumita
Conformationally restricted nucleotides as a biophysical probe of RNA thermodynamics, catalysis, and protein binding hoogstr3@msu.edu
Saturday 11:20-11:40amJeremy Sanford
Mapping the in situ RNA binding specificity of the SR protein SF2/ASF using CLIP-Seq sanfordj@iupui.edu
Saturday 11:40-12:00pmCharles Hoogstraten
Mechanism of the hairpin ribozyme: Thermodynamics and kinetics of intermolecular domain docking hoogstr3@msu.edu