2010 Rustbelt RNA Meeting






Talk abstracts

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Time Presenter Title PI
Friday 12:45-01:30pmTimothy W. Nilsen
miRNAs and mRNPs: where we are today Timothy W. Nilsen
Friday 01:30-01:45pmBing Zhang
Mechanistic Analysis of The Function of A Large Non-coding RNA Saba Valadkhan
Friday 01:45-02:00pmAhmad Khalil
A Global Mechanism for Non-coding RNA Dependent Chromatin Formation in Mammals Ahmad M Khalil
Friday 02:00-02:15pmSarah Geisler
Decapping regulates non-coding RNA-dependent histone modification in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Jeff Coller
Friday 02:15-02:30pmMallory Havens
Biogenesis of Mirtrons Independent of Splicing and the Microprocessor Michelle L. Hastings
Friday 02:50-03:10pmJo Ann Wise
A meiotic gene regulatory cascade driven by alternative fates for newly synthesized transcripts Jo Ann Wise
Friday 03:10-03:25pmAarti Sahasranaman
Detailed analysis of one step of ribosome biogenesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae John Woolford
Friday 03:25-03:40pmMithu Majumder
eIF2α phosphorylation dependent regulation of XBP1 mRNA turnover amplifies the UPR signaling during ER stress. Maria Hatzoglou
Friday 03:40-03:55pmDarshana Poddar
Ribosomal protein L13a-dependent translational silencing resolves inflammation: A study with macrophage-specific KO mouse. Barsanjit Mazumder
Friday 03:55-04:15pmThomas Leeper
Protein contacts among termination and polyadenylation factors that control mRNA 3' end fate. Thomas Leeper
Friday 04:35-04:50pmBrian Smith
Mechanistic insights into 3'--5' nucleotide addition by tRNAHis guanylyltransferase (Thg1) Jane Jackman
Friday 04:50-05:05pmSharla Wood
Single molecule studies of the c-di-GMP riboswitch David Rueda
Friday 05:05-05:20pmKeith Van Nostrand
Molecular Mechanics Analysis of Minimum Energy RNA Conformational Dynamics Pathways David H. Mathews
Friday 05:20-05:35pmMichael Widom
Efficiency of riboswitch terminator folding during transcription Michael Widom
Friday 05:35-05:50pmMelissa Mullen
G-quadruplexes in Arabidopsis thaliana: Folding cooperativity and implications for drought stress regulation Philip C. Bevilacqua and Sarah M. Assmann
Friday 06:00-07:00pmAdrian Ferre-DAmare
Structural and sequence-space analysis of natural and artificial catalytic RNAs Adrian Ferre-DAmare
Saturday 08:30-08:50amKausik Chakrabarti
Elucidating the RNA-protein complex of Plasmodium telomerase Kausik Chakrabarti
Saturday 08:50-09:05amPakoyo F Kamba
Characterization of an RNA-binding pentatricopeptide repeat protein from Trypanosoma brucei. Charles G Hoogstraten
Saturday 09:05-09:20amHuda Hyjazie
Identification of proteins involved in alternative polyadenylation during infection by herpes simplex virus 1. Angela Pearson
Saturday 09:20-09:35amChristopher Jones
Molecular Mimicry of primer tRNALys3 by HIV-1 RNA genome facilitates viral replication Karin Musier-Forsyth
Saturday 09:35-09:50amRebecca Toroney
Regulation of PKR by HCV IRES RNA: Importance of Domain II Philip C. Bevilacqua
Saturday 10:10-10:25amHeather Woolls
Shining the Light on Dim2 Katrin Karbstein
Saturday 10:25-10:40amMom Das
A Tale of Two Editing Domains: Molecular Basis of Substrate Specificity of Bacterial Prolyl-tRNA Synthetase and YbaK Karin Musier-Forsyth
Saturday 10:40-10:55amMolly Evans
Investigation of debranching enzyme Subha R. Das
Saturday 10:55-11:10amFran Jodelka
Antisense oligonucleotide correction of splicing in a mouse model of Usher syndrome Michelle L. Hastings
Saturday 11:10-11:25amJeffrey Levengood
Elucidation of the binding determinants for hnRNP A1 on HIV-1 splice site A7 Blanton Tolbert
Saturday 11:45-12:00pmJia Geng
RNA fingerprinting by the phi29 DNA packaging motor nanopore Peixuan Guo
Saturday 12:00-12:15pmHui Zhang
Dual-channel single-molecule fluorescent resonance energy transfer to establish distance constraints for RNA nanoparticles Peixuan Guo
Saturday 12:15-12:30pmTony Manzo
Real-Time Super-Resolution Tracking of Single Deoxyribozyme Based Molecular Robots Nils G. Walter
Saturday 12:30-12:50pmBarbara Golden
A 1.9 crystal structure of the HDV ribozyme precleavage suggest both Lewis acid and general acid mechanisms contribute to phosphodiester cleavage Barbara L. Golden
Saturday 12:50-01:10pmRichard Padgett
Transcription and splicing of large human genes Richard A. Padgett
Saturday 01:10-01:30pmLeonard Lipovich
Systems biology of the lncRNAome: computational-experimental integration assigns long non-coding RNA molecules to specific regulatory networks. Leonard Lipovich
Saturday 01:30-01:50pmAlexander Jamieson
Small angle x-ray scattering analysis of the basepaired complex of U6 and U2 snRNAs points to an RNA chaperone role for proteins in assembly of the spliceosomal active site Alex. M. Jamieson