2012 Rustbelt RNA Meeting







Talk abstracts

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Time Presenter Title PI
Friday 01:00-01:15pmLabib Rouhana
Regulation of histone mRNA by PIWI homologs in planarian stem cells Newmark Phillip A.
Friday 01:15-01:30pmRohan Balakrishnan
Title not published online Kurt Fredrick
Friday 01:30-01:45pmAishwarya Jacob
Stress-responsive MDM2 splicing is mediated by trans factors FUBP1 and PTBP1. Dawn Chandler
Friday 01:45-02:00pmSapna Varia
Btf and TRAP150 have distinct roles in regulating subcellular mRNA distribution. Paula Bubulya
Friday 02:00-02:15pmChandrama Mukherjee
Adaptor protein Nck1 interacts with cytoplasmic capping enzyme and regulates cytoplasmic capping Daniel Schoenberg
Friday 02:15-02:30pmSushmita Ghosh
An RNA electrophoretic mobility shift and mutational analysis of rnp-4f 5'-UTR intron splicing regulatory proteins in Drosophila reveals a novel new role for a dADAR protein isoform Jack Vaughn
Friday 02:30-02:45pmAndrew Kehr
Structural insight into the editing of pre-mRNAs by human ADAR2 Mark Macbeth
Friday 03:15-03:30pmCai Chen
Systematic investigation of insertional and deletional RNA-DNA differences in the human transcriptome Ralf Bundschuh
Friday 03:30-03:45pmJey Sabith Erbon
Regulation of Androgen Receptor expression through its 3’ untranslated region Girish Shukla
Friday 03:45-04:00pmJamie Jackel
Roles of RNA polymerases II, IV and V in the establishment of de novo RNA-directed DNA methylation of geminivirus genomes Dave Bisaro
Friday 04:00-04:15pmChase Weidmann
Multiple autonomous repression domains confer mRNA regulation by the PUF protein, Pumilio Aaron Goldstrohm
Friday 04:15-04:30pmYicheng Long
Multiple functions of a family of 3’-to-5’ polymerases in Dictyostelium discoideum Jane Jackman
Friday 04:30-04:45pmAditya Kulkarni
Biosynthesis of a Trojan Horse Antibiotic - Albomycin δ2 Shawn Chen
Friday 05:00-06:00pmMichael Snyder
Adventures in Personal Genomics and Whole Omics Profiling Michael Snyder
Saturday 08:30-08:45amJun Jiang
Structure Modulation of Helix 69 from 23S rRNA by Pseudouridylation Christine Chow
Saturday 08:45-09:00amJeffrey Levengood
Elucidating the Functional Significance of hnRNP A1 Binding to a RNA Structural Element of Human Enterovirus IRES Blanton Tolbert
Saturday 09:00-09:15amTakahisa Nakamura
Role of double-stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase (PKR) in metabolic disease Gkhan S. Hotamisligil
Saturday 09:15-09:30amHansini Mundigala
The HIV-1 DIS RNA Dimerizes Through a Bent Kissing Complex Intermediate. David Rueda
Saturday 09:30-09:45amJennifer Wilcox
A simple and efficient fluorescence method for pKa determination in RNA and DNA reveals highly shifted pKa's in secondary and tertiary structure Philip Bevilacqua
Saturday 09:45-10:00amAnton Petrov
RNA 3D Hub - an online resource for RNA structural bioinformatics Neocles Leontis
Saturday 10:00-10:15amHui Li
Thermodynamically stable RNA three-way junction and X-motif with unusual properties for application in nanotechnology and cancer therapy Peixuan Guo
Saturday 10:45-11:00amSathiyanarayanan Manivannan
Non-canonical biogenesis of the catalytic RNA subunit of Drosophila RNase P- a tRNA processing enzyme Simcox Amanda
Saturday 11:00-11:15amSanjay Singh
Interrogating the Nature of the Adduct Between RluA and RNA Containing 5-Fluorouridine Eugene Mueller
Saturday 11:15-11:30amCollin Wetzel
Targeted Tandem Mass Spectrometry for tRNA Identification Pat Limbach
Saturday 11:30-11:45amMary Anne Rubio
Title not published online Juan Alfonzo
Saturday 11:45-12:00pmOscar Vargas-Rodriguez
Divergent tRNA Recognition and Editing by the YbaK Superfamily Karin Musier-Forsyth
Saturday 12:00-12:20pmKausik Chakrabarti
Genome-Wide revelation of small RNA transcriptional landscape in the infection cycles of pathogenic protozoa Plasmodium falciparum Kausik Chakrabarti
Saturday 12:20-12:40pmCheryl Thompson
Analysis of the Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma lung cancer progression transcriptome using Next-Generation RNA Sequencing from laser micro-dissected archival FFPE tissue specimens Cheryl Thompson