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Number Presenter Title PI
1Katie Adib
A phased-addition strategy enhances the yield of RNAs obtained by in vitro transcription with modified transcriptional initiators Venkat Gopalan
2Vivek Advani
Translational recoding in human disease: identifying the molecular pathologies underlying X-linked Dyskeratosis Congenita and Spinocerebellar Ataxia 26. Dr. Jonathan Dinman
3Mike Allen
Thinking outside the S-box: an investigation of an unusual S-box family member Tina Henkin
4Rene Arvola
Dissecting the Mechanisms of Pumilio Mediated Repression Aaron Goldstrohm
5Abhijit Badve
Evolutionary dynamics of RNA binding proteins expressions in mammalian species Sarath Chandra Janga
6Sumirtha Balaratnam
SHARP protein causes the remodeling of SRA1 lncRNA structure Soumitra Basu
7Erkan Bayir
Title not published online Paula Grabowski
8Thomas Bebee
A knockout mouse model to define the roles of the Epithelial splicing regulatory proteins in development and epithelial cell function Russ Carstens
9Divyaa Bhagdikar
Title not published online Tina Henkin
10Debmalya Bhattacharyya
Interaction between a G-quadruplex domain and 40s ribosomal subunit is critical for IRES A mediated translation initiation of hVEGF Soumitra Basu
11Jamie Bingaman
Title not published online Philip Bevilacqua
12Jennifer Bohn
Identification of mRNA Target of Human PUF Proteins Aaron Goldstrohm
13Rachel Boldt
The C-terminal domain of the vaccinia capping enzyme D12 subunit is important for its role in transcription termination Paul Gollnick
14Jagat Budhathoki
BLM Helicase does not require ATP to Unfold G-Quadruplex Hamza Balci
15Xiaoyu Cao
Discovery-based Ribonuclease (RNase) mapping with mass exclusion list locating tRNA modifications Pat Limbach
16Joel Caporoso
Structure determination and RNA-binding properties of SHARP Thomas Leeper
17Casey Cempre
SHAPE analysis of the rpoH thermosensor from Escherichia coli Rachel Mitton-Fry
18Manohar Chakrabarti
Exploring role of alternative polyadenylation during tall fescue-endophyte symbiosis under drought stress using genome wide approaches. Arthur Hunt
19Beau Champ
Using SHAPE chemistry to determine the structure of the ykkCD RNA riboswitch Timea Gerczei
20Praneet Chaturvedi
Uncovering the RNA binding protein machinery associated with age and gender during liver development Sarath Chandra Janga
21Cai Chen
A-to-I editing is cancer subtype specific Ralf Bundschuh
22Lin Chen
Characterization of theProRS/YbaK/tRNAPro ternary complex by analytical ultracentrifugation and native mass spectrometry Karin Musier-Forsyth
23Tien-Hao Chen
Mass spectrometry-aided identification of substrate contact sites in a proteinaceous RNase P, a tRNA processing enzyme Venkat Gopalan
24Ying Hsin Chen
The DEAD-box helicase Dhh1p monitors translational elongation rate to simulate mRNA decay Jeff Coller
25Eric Cockman
Elements in the 3’UTR of Selenoprotein S regulate Selenocysteine insertion Donna Driscoll
26Roopa Comandur
HIV-1 subtype-specific differences in tRNALys targeting to viral RNA primer binding site Karin Musier-Forsyth
27Daniel Comiskey
Title not published online Dawn Chandler
28Caroline Conley
Mapping of Structural Changes to the ykkCD Antibiotic Sensor RNA Caused by Tetracycline Binding Timea Gerczei
29Ryan Coram
Muscleblind-like 1 regulates alternative splicing and transforming growth factor beta signaling during heart valve development Andrea Ladd
30Christine Cucinotta
The nucleosome acidic patch is required for histone H2B lysine 123 monoubiquitylation and downstream transcription-coupled histone modifications Karen Arndt
31Eric Danhart
Mapping elements that confer specific acceptor stem recognition of Ala-tRNAPro by a bacterial trans-editing domain Mark Foster
32Laura de Lorenzo Barrios
Genome-wide analysis of stability & translatability in CAP-associated RNAs in Arabidopsis Arthur Hunt
33Brett DeMarco
Regulation of the 3' UTR in BDNF mRNA from the DNA level Mihailescu Rita
34Sourav Kumar Dey
Single Molecule Fluorescence Studies on Conformation of Backbone Branched RNA Subha R. Das
35Maria Dixon
AFP anti-sense transcripts in mouse liver and their potential role in gene regulation Martha Peterson
36Catey Dominguez
Title not published online Dawn Chandler
37Alice Duchon
Examination of human lysyl-tRNA synthetase/tRNAlys primer recruitment and packaging into HIV Karin Musier-Forsyth
38Lauren Duff
Substrate recognition by the tRNAHis-guanylyltransferase: a kinetic investigation with model RNA substrates Jane Jackman
39Jey Sabith Ebron
Regulation of Androgen Receptor expression through its 3’ UTR Girish Shukla
40Grace Ellis
Discovery of a new processive anti termination mechanism Wade C. Winkler
41Matthew Ellis
An Investigation into RNA Oxidation Using Radical Precursors Bryant-Friedrich Amanda
42Haley Englert
Thermodynamic analysis of DEAD-box proteins reveal a temperature-dependent change Ivelitza Garcia
43Amin Espah Borujeni
The Riboswitch Calculator: automated physics-based design of synthetic riboswitches from diverse RNA aptamers Howard Salis
44Ian Fleming
Title not published online Juan Alfonzo
45Shawn Foley
Global analysis of the RNA-protein interaction and RNA secondary structure landscapes of the Arabidopsis nucleus Dr. Brian D. Gregory
46Munira Fouz
Enhanced tools for manipulating and analyzing gene function in a sea star larval model to explore regenerative biology Subha R. Das
47Erica Frankel
Characterization of RNA and Magnesium Ion Partitioning in Polyamine-Nucleotide Coacervates Philip Bevilacqua
48Janelle Gabriel
DICER-Like 3 is required for 24nt small RNA biogenesis and paramutation in Zea mays Jay Hollick
49Zhaofeng Gao
The DEAD-box RNA helicases Ded1p and eIF4A function simultaneously on the eukaryotic initiation factor 4F Eckhard Jankowsky
50Spencer Gardner
Identifying potential substrates of the reverse polymerase, BtTLP, by developing a variation on RNA-Seq Jane Jackman
51 Margo Gebbie
A Riboswitch-Containing sRNA Controls Gene Expression by Sequestration of a Response Regulator Wade C. Winkler
52Jacob Gordon
Prototyping a novel cheap electroelution device assembled from readily available materials Subha R. Das
53Gregory Harrison
Defining the role of MRB10130 in uridine insertion and deletion RNA Editing in trypanosomes Laurie Read
54James Hemphill
DNA computation in mammalian cells: microRNA logic operations Alexander Deiters
55Ryan Hindman
Nucleoside Triphosphate Phosphohydrolase I (NPH I) in vaccinia early gene transcription termination. Paul Gollnick
56James Hiznay
The roles of DDX41 in the spliceosome and myeloid neoplasms Richard Padgett
57Whitney Houser
Enzymatic generation of 3’-phosphate from 2’,3’-cyclic phosphate endonuclease digestion products of recombinant RNase U2 for improved LC/MS analysis of RNAs Pat Limbach
58Jillian Houtz
Identifying mitochondrial DNA-associated trans-acting factors required for mtRNA editing in Physarum polycephalum Jonatha Gott
59Bradley Howard
Prolyl-tRNA synthetase–like editing domains: Exploring cellular functions in E. coli. Karin Musier-Forsyth
60Michael Howard
Molecular Recognition and Mechanistic Insights into Protein-only RNase P Carol Fierke
61Elihu Ihms
Structure and Assembly Dynamics of the TRAP-Anti-TRAP Regulatory System Mark Foster
62Aishwarya Jacob
Regulation of MDM2 alternative splicing: balance of positive and negative interactions between cis elements and trans factors. Dawn Chandler
63Daniel Jasinski
RNA as a boiling-resistant anionic polymer material to build robust polygons with tunable angle, size, stoichiometry and functionality Peixuan Guo
64Raul Jobava
Novel functions of cytochrome C in the cellular response to stress Maria Hatzoglou
65Evan Jones
Title not published online Timea Gerczei
66Lucie Kafkova
The effect of arginine methylation on MRB1 core component function in trypanosome Laurie Read
67Alan Kessler
Title not published online Juan Alfonzo
68Prakash Kharel
Title not published online Soumitra Basu
69Brad Klemm
Active Site Architecture and Substrate Binding Interactions in an Arabidopsis thaliana Proteinaceous Rnase P Carol Fierke
70Salini Konikkat
Distinct functions of the discrete regions of the multifunctional ribosome assembly protein Erb1 in yeast 60S subunit biogenesis John Woolford
71Karen Kormuth
Effects of guanine quadruplex mutagenesis on yeast ribosome biosynthesis Woolford John Armitage Bruce
72Andrey Krasilnikov
Interactions between RNA components of eukaryotic RNases P/MRP RNPs and Pop1, the largest RNase P/MRP protein Krasilnikov Andrey
73Aiswarya Krishnamohan
Studying the catalytic mechanism of the m1G9/m1A9 methyltransferase (Trm10) family enzymes Jane Jackman
74Roni Lahr
Title not published online Andrea Berman
75Kathleen Leamy
Insights Into the Folding of RNA Under In vivo-Like Conditions Philip Bevilacqua
76Thomas Leeper
Delineation of lncRNA recognition sites by NMR: SHARP RRM binding to SRA1 STR7. Thomas Leeper
77Jeff Levengood
Towards Developing a Structure Based Mechanism of Splicing Repression by hnRNP A1 at ssA7 on HIV-1 Blanton Tolbert
78Yi-Hsuan Lin
Structure-mediated cooperativity between single-stranded RNA binding partners on 5' and 3'UTRs Ralf Bundschuh
79Jia Liu
Cofactor Modulation of T box Riboswitch Recognition: Effects of Mg2+ and Spermidine on the T box Antiterminator RNA-tRNA Complex Jennifer Hines
80Qi Liu
Title not published online Kurt Fredrick
81Sarah Loerch
Role of the U2AF Homology Motif in Human Tat-SF1 as a Cofactor for HIV-1 Splicing Dr. Clara Kielkopf
82Yicheng Long
Multiple functions of a family of 3’-to-5’ polymerases in Dictyostelium discoideum Jane Jackman
83Raphael Lopes
Unravelling the Trl1–like enzyme function in Trypanosoma brucei Carla Polycarpo
84 A. Javier Lopez
Aging-and Oxidative Stress-Related Alternative Splicing in Drosophila melanogaster A. Javier Lopez
85Le Luo
Mechanistic Insights into HIV-1 Tat Dependent Release of P-TEFb from the 7SK snRNP Complex Blanton Tolbert
86Stephanie Mack
Approaches to Synthetic Mini-lariats for RNA Interference Subha R. Das
87Deborah Makin
Aging-and Oxidative Stress-Related Alternative Splicing in Drosophila melanogaster A. Javier Lopez
88Greg Naegele
Effects of electroporation on transcription and editing in isolated physarum mitochondria Jonatha Gott
88Tereena Marks
Effects of Electroporation on Transcription and Editing in Isolated Physarum Mitochondria Jonatha Gott
89Sophie Martin
Codon optimality, translation elongation and the regulation of mRNA stability Jeff Coller
90Natalie McAdams
RNA trafficking during trypanosome RNA editing Laurie Read
91Damian McAninch
Investigation of the role played by the RNA G-quadruplex structure in ALS/FTD pathology Mihailescu Mihaela Rita
92Sarah Metcalfe
Title not published online Xiao-Ning Zhang
93Michael Milligan
Global Intersection of Long Non-Coding RNA (lncRNA) Genes With Processed and Unprocessed Pseudogenes in The Human Genome Leonard Lipovich
94Christopher Morgan
Structural and mechanistic insights into hnRNP A1 - RNA recognition Blanton Tolbert
95Dan Murphy
Shaping of a Genetic Mutation Phenotype by Tissue Specific Alternative Splicing Peter Stoilov
96Yaseswini Neelamraju
The human RBPome: from genes and proteins to human disease Sarath Chandra Janga
97Courtney Niland
Investigating Shared Molecular Recognition By RNA and Protein Subunits of RNase P Using High-Throughput Sequencing Kinetics (HTS-Kin) Mike Harris
98Alexis Onderak
The RNA helicase Skiv2l2 works to maintain pluripotency and proliferation in stem cells Dr. James Anderson
99Alexander Prokup
DNA Computation: Logic Gates and Amplification Cycles Alexander Deiters
100Andrei Rajkovic
Title not published online Michael Ibba
101Madhumitha Ramesh
Roles of Eukaryote-Specific rRNA Expansion Segments in Ribosome Biogenesis John Woolford
102Elizabeth Raupach
Analysis of ncDNA transcription for roles in regulating gene expression Joseph Martens
104Nathan Raynard
Title not published online Aaron Goldstrohm
105Laura Ritchey
Title not published online Philip Bevilacqua
106Robert Ross
Inductive Based Fluidics mass spectrometry for the analysis of modified nucleosides in RNAs Pat Limbach
107Bappaditya Roy
Title not published online Kurt Fredrick
108Dr. Nizar Saad
Understanding the regulatory mechanisms of asparagine and aspartate T box riboswitches in Clostridium acetobutylicum Tina Henkin
109Samantha Sanford
Erythrocytic stage specificity of Plasmodium falciparum telomerase Kausik Chakrabarti
110Krishnarjun Sarkar
Determining the kinetic contributions of tertiary interactions to the folding of the thermostable Azoarcus ribozyme using smFRET Sarah Woodson
111Dan Seith
Probing the role of guanine deprotonation in ribozyme mechanism Philip Bevilacqua
112Hyosuk Seo
Peptides targeting modified helix 69 of 23S rRNA in bacterial ribosomes Christine Chow
113Lucas Serdar
The use of tethered function analysis to investigate the role of Upf1 in targeting substrates to NMD Kristian Baker
114Ashwani Sharma
RNA nanoparticle for specific EpCAM targeting and cancer cell delivery Peixuan Guo
115Deepak Sharma
Biochemical characterization of the human DEAD-box RNA helicase DDX3X Eckhard Jankowsky
116Anya Sherwood
Title not published online Tina Henkin
117Rachel Simpson
Trypanosome RNA Editing Alignment Tool: Using deep sequencing to understand the roles of accessory factors in kinetoplastid RNA editing Laurie Read
118Savita Singh
Andro-miRs processing and regulation of Androgen receptor expression in PCa. Girish Shukla
119Mathilda Slaibi
Strategies for cloning 6.8 kb Androgen Receptor 3'UTR into pMIR report. Girish Shukla
120Jenna Smith
Translation of small open reading frames within unannotated RNA transcripts in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Kristian Baker
121Beulah Mae Ann Solivio
Mutagenesis of RNase U2 for Enhanced Specificity Pat Limbach
122Pieter Spealman
Ribosome occupancy of RNA cis-regulatory sequences, uORFs, implicated in the simultaneous regulation of gene expression across two levels. Joel McManus
123Kimberly Stanek
Structural and functional characterization of an Aquifex Hfq homolog Cameron Mura
124Matthew Starr
Investigating Oxidative Damage in RNA through Pseudouridinyl Radical Precursors Dr. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich
125Snezana Stefanovic
G quadruplex structures in PSD-95 mRNA as potential regulators of miR-125a seed binding site accessibility Mihaela-Rita Mihailescu
126Sarah Steimer
Identification of Escherichia coli mRNAs with 5’-terminal AUG triplets that act as both leaderless and Shine-Dalgarno led mRNAs. Gary Janssen
127Krishna Chaitanya Suddala
Title not published online Nils Walter
128Julie Sutton
Title not published online Lois Pollack
129Courtney Szyjka
Investigation of a novel role in transcriptional regulation of the trp operon by TRAP Paul Gollnick
130Yin Tang
Title not published online Philip Bevilacqua
131Supuni Thalalla Gamage
Electrostatics of rRNA Hairpins as Determined by Platination Kinetics Christine Chow
132Meryl Thomas
Title not published online Alexander Deiters
133Kiel Tietz
Rapid clearance of oscillating transcripts during somitogenesis requires the decay adapter Pnrc2 Sharon Amacher
134Nathan Titkemeier
Determination of the Isoform and Post-translational Modification State of Lysyl-tRNA Synthetase Packaged into HIV-1 Particles by Mass Spectrometry Karin Musier-Forsyth
135Daniel Totten
hnRNP A1 RNA recognition motifs induce a conformational change upon binding 7SK RNA stem III Andrea Berman
136Jackson Trotman
Identification of cap methyltransferase as a component of the cytoplasmic capping complex Daniel Schoenberg
137Kelsey Ulanowicz
Structure probing of the htrA RNA thermometer from Salmonella enterica Rachel Mitton-Fry
138Aparna Venkataraman
Bioinformatics analysis of human mRNA coding sequences to identify putative G-quadruplex forming sequences Soumitra Basu
139Sarah Venus
Purification and characterization of cytidine-specific ribonuclease, Cusativin, for mapping nucleoside modifications in RNA Balasubrahmanyam Addepalli
140Mario Vieweger
Structure, Conformations, and Thermodynamics of the Three-way Junction (3WJ) of Phi29 pRNA Peixuan Guo
141Hao Wang
Translation rate evaluation with ribosome profiling data Joel McManus
142Jiarui Wang
Probing the effect of different ligands on the conformational dynamics of a transcriptionally acting preQ1 riboswitch using single molecule FRET microscopy Nils Walter
143Chase Weidmann
An interaction with Nanos enhances repression by Pumilio and broadens mRNA target specificity Aaron Goldstrohm
144Julia Widom
Dissecting the functions of RNA helicases in splicing by single-molecule FRET Nils Walter
145Michael Widom
mRNA-mediated cooperativity between microRNA target sites Michael Widom
146Russell Williams
Title not published online Eugene Mueller
147Rebecca Williams-Wagner
Title not published online Tina Henkin
148Wade Winkler
Structure and mechanism of a riboswitch that selectively responds to transition metals Wade C. Winkler
149Michael Wolfe
The significance of quaternary structure for catalysis by the Human Thg1 enzyme Jane Jackman
150Eileen Workman
Title not published online Daniel Battle
151Nancy Wu
The identification of inhibitors against Ribonuclease P to probe tRNA processing in vivo Carol Fierke
152Dr. Janette Lamb
Genomics Research Core: Gene Expression Service Projects Janette Lamb
153Alexander Yakhnin
NusG is a sequence-specific RNA polymerase pause factor Babitzke Paul
154Kevin Yang
The Molecular Etiology of PRP Mutations in Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosis (RP) Mutations Jonathan Staley
155Yueqin Yang
Title not published online Russ Carstens
156Xuan Ye
Characterization of 3’ to 5’ exonuclease activity of Pop2p from Saccharomyces cerevisiae Eckhard Jankowsky
157Chunxi Zeng
Molecular modulation of T box riboswitch function Jennifer Hines
158Jing Zhao
Title not published online Mike Harris
159Hongkun Zhu
Functional characterization of derivatives of the aminoglycoside tobramycin Kurt Fredrick
160Daniel Michalski
The C-termini of Symplekin, CPSF73 and CPSF100 interact in the pre-mRNA 3' end processing core cleavage factor Dr. Mindy Steiniger
161Weixin Wu
Elucidation of the protein-RNA interactions that dictate human T-lymphotropic virus type-1 viral genomic RNA packaging Karin Musier-Forsyth
162Marissa Gentle
Running out of rice?: Effects of Environmental Stresses on Gene Expression in Rice Philip Bevilacqua