2011 Rustbelt RNA Meeting







Talk abstracts

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Time Presenter Title PI
Friday 01:15-01:30pmJames Roll
Inference of recurrent 3D RNA motifs from sequence Craig L. Zirbel
Friday 01:30-01:45pmAbir Ganguly
Computational studies of the structure, dynamics and catalysis in the HDV ribozyme Sharon Hammes-Schiffer
Friday 01:45-02:00pmBrittany Rauzan
Entropic and enthalpic activation parameters of dodecamer DNA duplex formation is dependent on sequence Dr. Alice Deckert
Friday 02:00-02:15pmShrabani Basu
Global analysis of small non coding RNAs in malaria pathogen Kausik Chakrabarti
Friday 02:15-02:30pmRyan Hindman
Nucleoside Triphosphate Phosphohydrolase I (NPH I) DNA template requirements in Vaccinia Early Gene Transcription Termination. Dr. Paul Gollnick
Friday 02:30-02:45pmNatalie Merlino
TRAP-mediated Transcription Termination at a Deficient Intrinsic Terminator Paul Gollnick
Friday 03:15-03:30pmDeepak Patil
Identification of re-capping substrates for the cytoplasmic Capping enzyme complex Daniel R. Schoenberg
Friday 03:30-03:45pmShan-Qing Gu
Identification of the human PMR1 mRNA endonuclease as an alternatively processed product of the gene for peroxidasin-like protein Daniel R. Schoenberg
Friday 03:45-04:00pmMithu Majumder
A novel feedback loop regulates the response to endoplasmic reticulum stress via the cooperation of cytoplasmic splicing and mRNA translation Maria Hatzoglou
Friday 04:00-04:15pmMichael Gamalinda
The Yeast 60S Subunit is Structured by Ribosomal Proteins in a Stepwise Fashion John Woolford Jr.
Friday 04:15-04:30pmMay Daher
Exploration of the Ribosome’s Rescue Mechanism By Single Molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer David Rueda
Friday 04:30-04:45pmFarshad Niazi
Computational analysis of functional long non-coding RNAs reveals lack of peptide-coding capacity and parallels with 3'UTRs Saba Valadkhan
Friday 05:00-06:00pmDavid Spector
Long non-coding RNAs involved in nuclear organization and function Spector
Saturday 08:30-08:45amTammy Bullwinkle
Post-translational modification of a translation factor by a tRNA synthetase paralog Michael Ibba
Saturday 08:45-09:00amWilliam Swinehart
Substrate specificity of Trm10: a multifunctional tRNA modification enzyme Jane E. Jackman
Saturday 09:00-09:15amPaul Sample
A Common Modification in an Unusual Place: Avoiding Conundrums in Mitochondrial Translation Juan Alfonzo
Saturday 09:15-09:30amZdenek Paris
Title not published online Juan Alfonzo
Saturday 09:30-09:45amNripesh Dhungel
Beyond tRNA cleavage: Novel essential function for yeast tRNA splicing endonuclease Anita K. Hopper
Saturday 09:45-10:00amSathiyanarayanan Manivannan
Non-canonical biogenesis of the catalytic RNA subunit of Drosophila RNase P- a tRNA processing enzyme Amanda A. Simcox
Saturday 10:30-10:45amKristine Potter
A dominant role for polyadenylation in forkhead transcription factor-mediated regulation of a meiotic cyclin gene Jo Ann Wise
Saturday 10:45-11:00amAlok Sharma
Son Maintains Accurate Splicing for a Subset of Human Pre-mRNAs. Paula Bubulya
Saturday 11:00-11:15amMelissa Hinman
Title not published online Hua Lou
Saturday 11:15-11:30amJarnail Singh
Mechanism of splicing of large introns in human cells in vivo Richard A Padgett
Saturday 11:30-11:45amVidisha Tripathi
Nuclear-retained lncRNA regulates pre-mRNA splicing and is required for cell cycle progression. Kannanganattu V. Prasanth
Saturday 11:45-12:00pmSethu Pitchiaya
Small RNAs, Big Impact: Probing microRNA Activity inside Human Cells Using Single Molecule Microscopy Nils G. Walter
Saturday 12:00-12:20pmMichael Markey
Human MDM4 is post-transcriptionally regulated by hsa-miR34a Michael Markey
Saturday 12:20-12:40pmElizabeth Tran
The DEAD-box Protein Dbp2 Connects Cryptic Unstable Transcripts to Transcriptional Repression of Overlapping Genes Elizabeth J. Tran