2009 Rustbelt RNA Meeting






Poster abstracts

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Number Presenter Title PI
1Michael Albring
Electrostatic interactions within the ATP binding pocket of a bacterial DEAD-box protein are dependent on the nature of the RNA. Ivelitza Garcia
2Amal Abu Almakarem
Comprehensive Survey and Geometric Classification of Basetriples in RNA Structures Neocles B. Leontis
3Balasubrahmanyam Addepalli
Disulfide linkage in the endonuclease motif of Arabidopsis CPSF30 ortholog Patrick A Limbach
4Neha Aggarwal
In vivo mutational analysis of U2-dependent intron containing microRNA Girish Shukla
5Elvin Aleman
Covalent-Bond-Based Immobilization Approaches for Single-Molecule Fluorescence David Rueda
6Papa Nii Asare-Okai
Exploring the mechanism of FID using ESI-MS Christine S. Chow
7Daipayan Banerjee
The role of G-patch domain in DExD/H-box protein activators Brian Rymond
8Victoria Barron
Complex control of NF1 exon 23a splicing Hua Lou Ph.D.
9Tupa Basu Roy
Dual binding specificity of 65kd RNA binding protein in the minor spliceosome Girish C Shukla
10Thomas Bebee
Determining the therapeutic time-point for SMN replacement in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy Dr. Dawn S. Chandler Ph.D.
11Stephen Bell
The Arabidopsis ortholog of the 77kD subunit of the Cleavage Stimulatory Factor (AtCstF-77) involved in mRNA polyadenylation is an RNA-binding protein. Arthur G. Hunt
12Kausik Chakrabarti
Title not published online Kausik Chakrabarti
13Min Chen
The Ty1 transposition rate is reduced in yeast mutant for BBP or Mud2 splicing factors Brian Rymond
14Hui-Yi Chu
Genome-Wide Investigations of Translating mRNAs to Study the Biological Consequences of the tRNA Retrograde Pathway Anita K. Hopper
15May Daher Farhat
Structural characterization of the TLD Domain of tmRNA in complex with SmpB David Rueda
16Priyanka Das
Ribosome binding domain of L13a: Relationship with ribosome release and phosphorylation Barsanjit Mazumder
17Romel Dator
Isolation and Characterization of Ribosome Assembly Intermediates Patrick A. Limbach
18Racheal Desmone
Expression of aroL in Escherichia coli is influenced by AUG triplets in the aroL untranslated region Gary R. Janssen
19Varun Dewan
Identifying Peptide and RNA Inhibitors against HIV-1 Capsid Karin Musier Forsyth
20Mirjana Dimovska
Site-Specific Cleavage of Modified 16S Ribosomal RNA Christine Chow
21Molly Evans
Chemo-genetic Analysis of the Hepatitis Delta Virus Ribozyme Active Site Network Subha R. Das
22Eric Fichtenbaum
Mutational Analysis of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Nucleocapsid protein (NC) Karin Musier-Forsyth
23Robert Forties
Modeling the interplay of single-stranded binding proteins and nucleic acid secondary structure Ralf Bundschuh
24Ran Furman
ppGpp and DksA; global regulators of stress response Irina Artsimovitch
25Bobby Gaffney
CPSF30 in Medicago Arthur G. Hunt
26Kirk Gaston
Threonyl-tRNA editing and modification in kinetoplastids Juan Alfonzo
27Sarah Geisler
RNA decapping influences mRNA biogenesis Jeff Coller
28Arnab Ghosh
Eukaryotic ribosomal protein S5 - a docking site for initiation factor eIF2? Anton A. Komar
29Swagata Ghosh
The Ty1 transposition rate is reduced in yeast mutant for BBP or Mud2 splicing factors Dr. Brian Rymond
30Jacqueline Giliberti
A 5 AUG is Necessary for Recognition and Binding of Leaderless mRNA to Escherichia coli Ribosomes Gary R. Janssen
31Cecilia Go
Developing novel antibacterials using cyclic peptide mimics of the protein subunit of bacterial RNase P Venkat Gopalan
32Andrew Goodrich
Probing the role of HIV Gag in regulation of reverse transcription Karin Musier-Forsyth
33Farzin Haque
Automated analysis of RNA and DNA fingerprinting using the nano-channels of bacteriophage phi29 DNA packaging motor Peixuan Guo
34Mallory Havens
An intronic mutation in the Polycystic Kidney Disease gene, PKD1, that affects splicing and microRNA processing Michelle L. Hastings
35Tiffany Hilson
Title not published online Patrick A. Limbach
36Melissa Hinman
The biological role of neurofibromatosis type 1 exon 23a alternative splicing Hua Lou
37Hsiao-Yun Huang
Identifying the Proteins in tRNA Processing and Nuclear-cytoplasmic Transport Anita K. Hopper
38Aishwarya Jacob
Damage Induced Alternative Splicing of MDM2 is Controlled by a Balance of Positive and Negative Splicing Regulators Dawn S Chandler
39Fran Jodelka
Splicing of the spinal muscular atrophy-modifying gene, SMN2, is controlled by an auto-regulatory feedback loop. Michelle L. Hastings
40Christopher Jones
Matrix domain modulates HIV-1 Gag's chaperone activity via a conformational switch triggered by plasma membrane binding Karin Musier-Forsyth
41Pakoyo F Kamba
Heterologous expression and RNA-binding specificity of the 26.9 kDa Trypanosoma brucei pentatricopeptide repeat protein. Charles Hoogstraten
42Besik Kankia
HIV NC as a tool to facilitate invasion and cleavage of structured nucleic acids Karin Musier-Forsyth
43Hajeong Kim
Investigation of the role of Dbp8 in 18S rRNA processing Katrin Karbstein
44Munish Kumar
microRNAs targeting p53 Yong Li
45Kevin Kunzelman
Genes harboring U12-dependent introns and their potential association with prostate cancer Girish C. Shukla
46Anne Labut
Investigating the Regulation of Bms1, a GTPase Essential for 40S Ribosome Assembly Katrin Karbstein
47Christopher LaJeunesse
The interaction of cisplatin and various analogues with the 790 loop Christine S. Chow
48Larry Layne
In vitro selection of co-enzyme dependent nucleic acid enzymes Subha R. Das
49Caroline Lee
Comparison of the Mechanism of Splice Site Selection in a Protein-free System and In Vivo Saba Valadkhan
50Liang-Chun Liu
Mutational analysis of codon-anticodon interactions in Bacillus subtilis glyQS T box riboswitch Tina M. Henkin
51Sheng Liu
Structural studies of the tRNA binding domains of human lysyl-tRNA synthetase Pearl Tsang
52Zhaoyang Liu
Regulation of OXT6 Gene Expression through Alternative Splicing and Polyadenylation Qingshun Q. Li
53Emily Maris
In vivo activity of B. thuringiensis and M. smithii Thg1 expressed in yeast Jane Jackman
54Megan McGervey
Small Nuclear RNAs in nuclear precursor messenger RNA Splicing Girish Shukla
55Patrick Ochieng
Understanding dynamics in the hairpin ribozyme's loop A using NMR spectroscopy Dr. Charles Hoogstraten
56Anton Petrov
Constructing a library of RNA 3D motifs for motif structure prediction Neocles Leontis
57Theresa Rogers
tRNA-like small RNA in Bacillus cereus Michael Ibba
58Rebecca Rohlfs
Mass spectrometry characterization of ribosome assembly defects Patrick A. Limbach
59Susan Russell
Heat Shock-Induced Changes in Post-transcriptional Modifications in RNA Patrick Limbach
60Madhubanti Sarkar
Catalytic inactivation of miRNA function in human cells by customized RNase P-based ribozymes Gopalan Schoenberg
61Chad Schwartz
Targeted delivery of anti-coxsackievirus siRNAs using ligand-conjugated pRNA nanoparticles Peixuan Guo
62Anastasia Sevostiyanova
RNA-polymerase gate-loop mediates anti-pausing effect of the elongation factors RfaH and NusG Irina Artsimovitch
63Zhen Shen
OBP1/ LRWD1: a novel ORC binding protein associates with preRC components in G1 Supriya G. Prasanth
64Yi Shu
Chemical modification of ribonucleotides to produce ribonuclease resistant RNA in nanotechnology and nanomedicine Peixuan Guo
65Kavleen Sikand
U12 snRNA structure-function relationship: Identification of essential RNA motifs required for in vivo U12-dependent splicing Girish C. Shukla
66Jinani Slaibi
Therapeutic Potential of MicroRNAs in Prostate Cancer Girish C. Shukla Ph.D
67Brian Smith
Kinetic characterization of the yeast tRNAHis guanylyltransferase (Thg1) Jane Jackman
68Byung Ran So
Distinct mechanisms used by interacting editing domains involving steric exclusion and chemistry ensure accurate decoding of proline codons Karin Musier-Forsyth
69Bethany Strunk
Characterization of the essential role of Fap7 in yeast ribosome assembly Katrin Karbstein
70Meng Sun
Retrovirus-Specific Differences in Role of Matrix and NC Proteins in Genomic RNA Packaging Karin Musier-Forsyth
71William Swinehart
Biochemical characterization of a novel tRNA-methyltranferase family Jane Jackman
72Aixa Tapia-Santos
The role of Sr proteins SF2/ASF and SC35 in stress-induced alternative splicing of MDM2: mplications in rhabdomyosarcomas Dr. Dawn S. Chandler
73Keith Van Nostrand
Molecular mechanics analysis of minimal energy RNA conformational change pathways David H. Mathews
74Sapna Varia
Elucidating a role for Btf in pre-mRNA transcription and splicing Dr.Paula Bubulya
75Huiwen Wang
Promotion of Exon 6 Inclusion in HuD Pre-mRNA by Hu Protein Family Members Hua Lou
76Ying Wang
Evolution and function of a non-conserved microRNA in plants Biao Ding
77Emily Wong
Methanobrevivacter smithii RNase P - a model for archaeal mesophilic type A RNase P and a possible anti-obesity target Venkat Gopalan
78Sharla Wood
Bulk and single molecule analysis of the effects of 2 modifications on molecular beacons David Rueda
79Heather Woolls
Shining the Light on Dim2 Katrin Karbstein
80Yizhou Xie
Title not published online Eugene G. Mueller
81Samantha Yelley
Computational docking of small molecules with a Bacillus subtilis T box antiterminator model RNA John A. Means
82Crystal Young
Elucidating the roles of Rrp5 and Rok1 in 40S ribosome maturation Katrin Karbstein
83Bing Zhang
Mechanistic analysis of reprogramming muscle precursor cells into a neuronal fate by a large non-coding RNA Saba Valadkhan
84Hui Zhang
Dual-channel single-molecule imaging of pRNA on phi29 DNA-packaging motor Peixuan Guo
85Rui Zhao
Laser-Assisted Single Molecule Refolding David Rueda
86Jun Zheng
Reconstitution of a Plant mRNA Polyadenylation in vitro Assay System Q. Quinn Li
87Shu Zhou
Identification of small compounds as inhibitors for tRNA-T Box antiterminator interaction Doctor Jennifer Hines
88Amy Zimmerman
Structure-activity relationship studies of peptide affinities for T box antiterminator RNA Jennifer V. Hines