2009 Rustbelt RNA Meeting






Talk abstracts

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Time Presenter Title PI
Friday 12:25-12:40pmKeng-Ming Chang
Title not published online Tamara L. Hendrickson
Friday 12:40-12:55pmI-Ming Cho
Validating ribosomal protein L7Ae as a subunit of archaeal RNase P Venkat Gopalan
Friday 12:55-01:10pmMom Das
Identification of New Partners for Bacterial YbaK Protein In Vivo: Implications for Translational Quality Control Karin Musier-Forsyth
Friday 01:10-01:25pmAishwarya Devaraj
A role for the 30S subunit E site in maintenance of the translational reading frame Kurt Fredrick
Friday 01:25-01:40pmArlie Rinaldi
Dissecting the interactions between the putative endonuclease Nob1 and pre-18S rRNA Katrin Karbstein
Friday 01:40-01:55pmWenqian Hu
Nonsense-mediated mRNA decapping occurs on polyribosomes Jeff Coller Kristian E. Baker
Friday 01:55-02:10pmRebecca Hurto
tRNA celluar distribution is coordinated with P-body formation, and translation pathways. Anita K. Hopper
Friday 02:10-02:25pmKeshab Rijal
Exploring potential drug target sites in the ribosome with cisplatin and its analogues Christine S. Chow
Friday 02:45-03:00pmJessica Spears
Evidence for a composite active site in the editing deaminase of trypanosomes Juan Alfonzo
Friday 03:00-03:15pmEdward Miracco
Title not published online Eugene G. Mueller
Friday 03:15-03:30pmRajan Lamichhane
RNA looping by PTB: evidence using FRET and NMR spectroscopy and for a role in splicing repression David Rueda
Friday 03:30-03:45pmAndrea Putnam
ATP binding controls unwinding of short duplexes by the DEAD-box RNA helicase Ded1p Eckhard Jankowsky
Friday 03:45-04:00pmBhalchandra Rao
To Edit or not to Edit: Novel Activities and Regulation of tRNAHis Guanylyltransferase (Thg1) Dr. Jane E. Jackman
Friday 04:00-04:15pmRyuta Takeda
Title not published online Biao Ding
Friday 04:45-05:00pmJordan Gladman
Splicing of the SMN genes is regulated by conserved sequence elements located in intron seven. Dawn S. Chandler
Friday 05:00-05:15pmJarnail Singh
Rates of in situ transcription and splicing in large human genes Richard A. Padgett
Friday 05:15-05:30pmHualin Zhou
The Role of Hu Proteins in The Coupling of Transcription and Splicing Hua Lou
Friday 05:30-05:45pmIhab Younis
Chemical Screens Reveal Splicing Disruption by Clinical Drugs and Differential Regulation of Constitutive Introns Gideon Dreyfuss
Friday 05:45-06:00pmYasaman Jaladat
CTD fragment of prp8 enhances a snRNA catalyzed splicing reaction Saba Valadkhan
Friday 06:00-06:15pmAlok Sharma
Son is Essential for Nuclear Speckle Organization and Cell Cycle Progression Paula A. Bubulya
Saturday 09:30-09:45amVidisha Tripathi
A nuclear-retained long non-protein coding RNA regulates SR-protein mediated alternative splicing Kannanganattu V. Prasanth
Saturday 09:45-10:05amPrasanth Kannanganattu
Characterization of poly-purine-repeat containing nuclear ncRNA/s: Involvement in cell growth and differentiation. Kannanganattu V. Prasanth
Saturday 10:25-10:40amFarshad Niazi
Bioinformatic analysis of functional long non-protein coding RNAs Saba Valadkhan
Saturday 10:40-10:55amApana Agha Takwi
MYC is a Target for microRNA-33b Yong Li
Saturday 10:55-11:10amYang Yu
Enhanced magnitude of microRNA-mediated regulation upon muscle differentiation Timothy W. Nilsen
Saturday 11:10-11:25amSree C. Ganapathiraju
MicroRNAs Released From Cells Differ From the Cellular miRNA Population Dominik M. Duelli
Saturday 11:25-11:40amFeng Xiao
Evaluation of specific delivery of chimeric phi29 pRNA/siRNA nanoparticles to multiple tumor cells Peixuan Guo
Saturday 12:00-12:15pmEduardo Paredes
Click Chemistry for RNA: Labeling and Ligation Subha R. Das
Saturday 12:15-12:30pmFarzin Haque
Fingerprinting of DNA and RNA using the nano-channels of bacteriophage phi29 DNA packaging nano-motor Peixuan Guo
Saturday 12:30-12:50pmIrina Artsimovitch
Division of labor between transcription elongation factors Irina Artsimovitch
Saturday 12:50-01:10pmRalf Bundschuh
Title not published online Ralf Bundschuh