2006 Rustbelt RNA Meeting





Poster abstracts

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NumberPresenterTitlePI email
1Wei Zhang
Prediction of nad6 in Didymium iridis using the PIE algorithm for finding edited mRNA bundschuh@mps.ohio-state.edu
2Robert Forties
Computational Prediction of Local Melting in Cyclized Double-Stranded DNA bundschuh@mps.ohio-state.edu
3Jeffrey Levengood
Rationale for the evolutionary retention of 2 unrelated LysRSs ibba.1@osu.edu
4Yan Chen
The Sites of Endonuclease Cleavage within Nonsense-Containing Beta-Globin mRNA are not determined by the Location of the Premature Termination Codon schoenberg.3@osu.edu
5Junjun Chen
The Molecular Recognition of RNA by the Pseudouridine Synthase RluA: Kinetic and Crystallographic Studies emueller@UDel.Edu
6Amy Graham
Dynamic Form and Function of Exosome Subunit Complexes during Mitosis and Cytokinesis exa32@case.edu
7Jessica Spears
Widespread tRNA Editing in Trypanosomatids Alfonzo.1@osu.edu
8Rajaneesh Anupam
Binding of Small Molecules to T Box Antiterminator Model Dr.JenniferHines
9Frank Ragone
A Single Enzyme is Required for Both C to U and A to I Deamination Editing alfonzo.1@osu.edu
10Sarah Walker
Characterization of ribosomes containing substitutions of E-site 23S rRNA nucleotide C2394 fredrick.5@osu.edu
11Lance Rider
Understanding the Dihydrouridine Synthase from T. maritima brupalf@umich.edu
12Yanglong Zhu
Metagenomic analysis of a noncoding RNA yong.li@louisville.edu
13Andrea Ladd
CUG-BP1 and MBNL1 may developmentally regulate alternative splicing transitions during embryonic cardiac morphogenesis ladda@ccf.org
14Enrico Caserta
Mutational Analysis of the Bacillus subtilis glyQS T Box Gene henkin.3@osu.edu
15Lavanya Dampanaboina
Role of the 50 KD subunit of Cleavage Stimulation Factor in Polyadenylation in plants aghunt00@uky.edu
16Akwasi Agyeman
The effect of conserved sequence variation on the binding of the antiterminator element to tRNA hinesj@ohio.edu
17John Means
Fluorescence and NMR Structural Studies of the Bacillus subtilis T Box Antiterminator/tRNA Model Complex hinesj@ohio.edu
18Sunaina Yadav
Investigating the role of Mpp10p in ribosome biogenesis carl.correll@rosalindfranklin.edu
19Leonard Buller
Ribosome binding and translation within the untranslated leader of the Escherichia coli aroL gene janssegr@muohio.edu
20Daoming Qin
Characterization of 16S rRNA mutations that decrease the fidelity of translation initiation fredrick.5@osu.edu
21Karen Jack
In vitro Analysis of Mg2+ Interactions within the T Box Transcription Regulatory Mechanism hinesj@ohio.edu
22Andrew Stelzer
Stereoviews of RNA by Inverse Domain Elongation hashimi@umich.edu
23Qi Zhang
Elongated RNA (E-RNA): A New Approach to Study RNA Structural Dynamics hashimi@umich.edu
24Elizabeth Dethoff
NMR Studies of the Structural Dynamics of Wild-Type TAR RNA hashimi@umich.edu
25Lana Bengez
Preferential Binding of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase to Single-stranded Nucleic Acids dmascotti@jcu.edu
26Charles Fisher
Conformational Dynamics of HIV-2 TAR by NMR hashimi@umich.edu
27Maximillian Bailor
Combination of Chemical Shift and Residual Dipolar Coupling Perturbations Reveals Structural Differences Among Related Aminoglycosides Bound to the Same RNA Target hashimi@umich.edu
28Mahmud Hossain
Detection of Mitochondrial Transfer RNAs Import of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by their Signature Digestion Products pat.limbach@uc.edu
29Catherine Musselman
Impact of Static and Dynamic A-form Heterogeneity on the Determination of RNA Global hashimi@umich.edu
30Rajan Lamichhane
Probing the Mechanism of Alternative Splicing Regulation by PTB using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer rueda@chem.wayne.edu
31Gabrielle Todd
NMR Characterization of Neomycin Binding to HIV-1 SL-1 RNA hashimi@umich.edu
32Abigael Muchenditsi
The effect of pH on T box antiterminator structure and affinity for microhelix model tRNA hinesj@ohio.edu
33Susan Russell
Post-transcriptional modifications in bacterial rRNA and heat shock pat.limbach@uc.edu
34Hajeong Kim
Biochemical and thermodynamic characterization of guanosine substrate-binding of a group I Intron from bacteriophage Twort barbgolden@purdue.edu
35Tek Lamichhane
Analysis of modification at 966 and 967 positions in Escherichia coli 16 S ribosomal RNA phil@biology.biosci.wayne.edu
36Daniel Coughlin
Prediction and Detection of Mouse tRNA Genes dcoughli@umich.edu
37Jay Brock
Interactions Between Leaderless mRNA and Escherichia coli Ribosomes During Translation Initiation janssegr@muohio.edu
38Jacqueline Giliberti
Effect of Initiation Factors on Leaderless mRNA Binding to Escherichia coli Ribosomes janssegr@muohio.edu
39Karthik Krishnan
Initiator tRNA-dependent and -independent interactions of Streptomyces lividans ribosomes with leaderless aph mRNA janssegr@muohio.edu
40Mike Marvin
Investigating Substrate Interactions of Yeast Nuclear RNase P engelke@umich.edu
41Krishanthi Karunatilaka
Development of an RNA Aptamer Based Purification Method for Fluorophore Labeled Proteins rueda@chem.wayne.edu
42Santosh Mahto
A study of the roles of modified nucleosides in the E. coli 16S ribosomal RNA decoding region csc@chem.wayne.edu
43Zhuojun Guo
Single Molecule Spectroscopy of the U2-U6 spliceosomal snRNAs Reveals Key Mg2+ Dependent Folding Dynamics rueda@chem.wayne.edu
44Daisy Hamburg
Probing the Topography of Ribonucleoprotein Complexes Using Limited Proteolysis and Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry Pat.Limbach@uc.edu
45Ruqiang Xu
Developmental Effects of Cleavage and Polyadenylation Specificity Factor in Arabidopsis liq@muohio.edu
46Denghui Xing
Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of AtClps, Arabidopsis Orthologues of Polyadenylation Factor Clp1P Liq@muohio.edu
47Anita Durairaj
Identifying pseudouridines in RNA by mass spectrometry Pat.Limbach@uc.edu
48Anne-Cecile Duc
Targeting the A-site rRNA with peptides csc@chem.wayne.edu
49John Hsieh
Conformational Change in the B. subtilis RNase P Holoenzyme•pre-tRNA Complex is Induced by Binding of a High-affinity Inner-sphere Divalent Ion fierke@umich.edu
50Daina Zeng
Kinetic Characterization of Mature tRNA Release from B. subtilis RNase P Holoenzyme by using 3’ and 5’ end Fluorescein labeled pre-tRNA by Fluorescence Stopped-Flow Techniques fierke@umich.edu
51Colette Castleberry
Quantitation of Isotopically Labeled RNA Using LC-MS pat.limbach@uc.edu
52Daniel L Kiss
Probing the structure and function of exosome subunit subcomplexes in vivo erik.andrulis@case.edu
53Paula Bubulya
Dynamics and Cellular Functions of Btf paula.bubulya@wright.edu
54Thomas Bebee
Generation of a new mouse model to help determine the therapeutic time-point for SMN replacement therapies chandler@ccri.net
55Caroline Vizthum
The Adduct between RluA and 5-Fluorouridine in RNA: Is it Covalent (or Just Really Tight)? emueller@udel.edu
56Ross Wilson
Structural Studies of Archaeal RNase P foster.281@osu.edu
57Abul Arif
Two-site Serine Phosphorylation of Glutamyl-prolyl tRNA Synthetase Regulates the Formation of the GAIT Translational Silencing Complex foxp@ccf.org