2006 Rustbelt RNA Meeting






Friday, Oct 20
12:00-01:00pmMeeting Registration (Foyer)
01:00-01:10pmOpening Remarks
Session I: RNA motifs
01:10-01:30pmThe Smk box riboswitch in Lactobacillales
Ryan T. Fuchs, Frank J. Grundy, Tina M. Henkin
Department of Microbiology, The Ohio State University
01:30-01:50pmIn vivo and in vitro studies of a SAM-binding riboswitch
Jerneja Tomsic, Frank J. Grundy, Brooke A. McDaniel, Tina M. Henkin
Department of Microbiology, The Ohio State University
01:50-02:10pmGenerating New Specific RNA Interaction Interfaces Using C-loops
Kirill A. Afonin, Neocles B. Leontis
Department of Chemistry, BGSU
02:10-02:30pmFR3D: A Tool for Finding, Scoring and Clustering 3D Recurrent RNA Motifs
Jesse Stombaugh, Craig L. Zirbel, Neocles. B. Leontis
Department of Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University
02:30-02:50pmCoffee Break (short PI meeting in auditorium)
Session II: Regulation - Part 1
02:50-03:10pmA Kinase-Dependent, Negative Feedback Mechanism in GAIT-Mediated Translational Silencing
Rupak Mukhopadhyay, Paul L. Fox
Department of Cell Biology, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH 44195
03:10-03:30pmThe Origin and Evolution of an mRNA-binding Domain in Glutamyl-prolyl tRNA Synthetase
Partho Sarothi Ray, Paul L. Fox
Dept. of Cell Biology, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic
03:30-06:00pmPoster Session
03:40-04:50pmodd numbers present
04:50-06:00pmeven numbers present
06:00-07:00pmDinner (Upstairs in the Mezzanine)
Session III: Regulation - Part 2
07:10-07:30pmNovel Connection Between Inorganic Phosphate Availability and tRNA Nucleus-cytosol Dynamics
Rebecca Hurto, Amy Tong, Charlie Boone, Anita K Hopper
Molecular Genetics, OSU
07:30-07:50pmCharacteristics of the Arabidopsis ortholog of CPSF30
Balasubrahmanyam Addepalli, Arthur G. Hunt
Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Kentucky
07:50-08:10pmc-Src Kinase Activates the Targeting of Pmr1 to Polysomes and Endonuclease-Mediated mRNA Decay
Yong Peng, Daniel R. Schoenberg
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Ohio State University
08:10-08:30pmAlternative splicing of p53 modulators MDM2 and MDM4 in response to cytotoxic stress
Ravi K. Singh, Edward Xie, Jaquelyn Bitler, Dawn Chandler
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology program MCDB, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
08:30-08:50pmCoffee Break
Session IV: tRNA
08:50-09:10pmFunctional association between three archaeal aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
Corinne Hausmann, Mette Praetorius-Ibba, Molly Paras, Mike Ibba
Department of Microbiology, The Ohio State University
09:10-09:30pmMechanism of tRNA-dependent editing in translational quality control
Jiqiang Ling, Hervé Roy, Michael Ibba
Microbiology Department, the Ohio State University
09:30-09:50pmMitochondrial Import of tRNA: an evolutionarily conserved pathway from yeast to humans
Mary Anne T. Rubio, Jesse Rinehart, Dieter Soll, Juan D. Alfonzo
Microbiology, The Ohio State University
09:50-10:10pmEvidence that substrate specific effects of C5 protein lead to uniformity in binding and catalysis by RNase P
Lei Sun, Frank E. Campbell, Nathan H. Zahler, Michael E. Harris
Center for RNA Molecular Biology and Department of Biochemistry, Case Western Reserve University
10:10-10:20pmPresentation of the Poster Awards
10:20-12:00amEvening Reception (Central Lobby Area)
All PIs - please stay in the auditorium for the RRM07 planning meeting
Saturday, Oct 21
07:45-08:20amContinental Breakfast (Rafter's Restaurant with Coupon)
Session V: Ribosomes
08:20-08:40amReverse translocation of tRNA in the ribosome
Shinichiro Shoji, Sarah Walker, Kurt Fredrick
Department of Microbiology, The Ohio State University
08:40-09:00amMechanistic insights into RNA chaperone activities that are essential for ribosome biogenesis
Timea Gerczei, Carl C Correll
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Rosalind Franklin University
09:00-09:20amProtein-RNA Interactions in the Central Domain of 30 S ribosomal subunit
Kris A. Baker, James R. Williamson, Philip R. Cunningham
Department of Biological Sciences, Wayne State University
09:20-09:40amFunctional Analysis of the Helix 23b Internal Loop in 16S Ribosomal RNA.
Chandani Kodikara, John SataLucia, Phil Cunningham
Chemistry Department, Wayne state University
09:40-10:00amStudies on pH Dependence of the Escherichia coli 23 S rRNA Helix 69 Structure
Sanjaya C. Abeysirigunawardena, Christine S. Chow
Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University
10:00-10:20amCoffee Break
Session VI: RNA Structure
10:20-10:40amDetecting Motional Modes of Elongated RNA using C-13 Relaxation
Alexandar L Hansen, Hashim M Al-Hashimi
Chemistry, University of Michigan
10:40-11:00amNMR Characterization of Mg2+ Dependent Structural Plasticity in the Bulge
Xiaoyan Sun, Qi Zhang, Hashim M. Al-Hashimi
Department of Chemistry & Biophysics Research Division, University of Michigan
11:00-11:20amSelection and Cocrystallization of FAB-P4P6 Complex: towards Chaperone-Assisted RNA Crystallography
Jingdong Ye, Valentina Tereshko, John K. Frederiksen, Joseph A. Piccirilli
HHMI, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
11:20-11:40amDeciphering RNA Structural Diversity and Systematic Phylogeny from Microbial Metagenomes
Yong Li
biochemistry and molecular biology
11:40-12:00pmRole of Viral RNA as an Assembly Platform for the Tombusvirus Replicase Complex
Peter Nagy, Judit Pogany, Kunj Pathak
Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky
12:00-12:20pmClosing Remarks and the Presentation of the Oral Awards