Friday, Oct 23


Session I: A Day In The Life Of An RNA Part I: Biosynthesis, Processing, and Export
CHAIR: Brianne Sanford
Wilderness Hall South

12:45-01:00pmWelcome and Opening Remarks
01:00-01:15pmAntagonistic splicing factors hnRNP A1 and SRSF2 compete for binding to snRNA 7SK
Daniel C. Totten, Andrea J. Berman
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
01:15-01:30pmESRP2 controls an adult splicing program in hepatocytes to support postnatal liver maturation
Amruta Bhate, Darren J. Parker, Thomas W. Bebee, Jaegyoon Ahn, Russ P. Carstens, Auinash Kalsotra
Department of Biochemistry and Medical Biochemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
01:30-01:45pmThe chromatin remodeling complex SWI/SNF is a master regulator of meiotic splicing in S. cerevisiae
Srivats Venkataramanan, Stephen Douglass, Anoop Raj Galivanche, Suman K Pradhan, Tracy L Johnson
Department of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology, UCLA
01:45-02:00pmUnexpected mechanistic features of a multifunctional tRNA methyltransferase
Aiswarya Krishnamohan, Jane E. Jackman
Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Center for RNA Biology, The Ohio State University
02:00-02:15pmTitle not published online - please see printed booklet
Zhao J, Lin H-C, Niland CN, Jankowsky E, Harris ME
Department of Biochemistry, CWRU School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH 44109
02:15-02:30pmIdentification of novel proteins involved in nuclear export of pre-tRNAs in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Kunal Chatterjee, Jingyan Wu, Yao Wan, Anita Hopper
Department of Molecular Genetics, The Ohio State University
02:30-02:45pmDirect interaction and functional coupling of the DEAD-box RNA helicases, eIF4A and Ded1p, from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Zhaofeng Gao, Andrea Putnam, Heath Bowers, Ulf-Peter Guenther, Xuan Ye, Angela Hilliker, Eckhard Jankowsky
Center for RNA Molecular Biology and Department of Biochemistry, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
02:45-03:15pmCoffee Break

Session II: RNA Structure, Biophysics, and Recognition
CHAIR: Niyati Jain
Wilderness Hall South

03:15-03:30pmDeterminants of specific recognition of mischarged Ala-tRNAPro by a bacterial trans-editing domain
Eric M. Danhart, Lexie Kuzmishin, Brianne Sanford, Marina Bakhtina, Marija Kosutic, Ronald L. Micura, Karin Musier-Forsyth, Mark P. Foster
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The Ohio State University
03:30-03:45pmHigh-throughput RNA 3D motif structure prediction and validation
Jian Wu, Cuiji Zhou, Ying Wang, James Li, Annie Showers, Dana Drivera, Neocles B. Leontis, Craig L. Zirbel, David M. Bisaro, Biao Ding
Department of Molecular Genetics, Center for RNA Biology, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Program, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210 USA
03:45-04:00pmA Riboswitch-Containing sRNA Controls Gene Expression by Sequestration of a Response Reg
Margo P Gebbie, Sruti Debroy, Jonathan Goodson, Arati Ramesh, Danielle Garsin, Wade Winkler
Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, University of Maryland
04:00-04:15pmA mechanistic and structural study of a yet uncharacterized RNA sensor: the ykkCD riboswitch
Beau Champ, Ambar Rana, Nicholas Frecker, Delores James, Timea Gerczei
Ball State University
04:15-04:30pmTitle not published online - please see printed booklet
Bradley P. Klemm, Kipchumba J. Kaitany, Michael J. Howard, Adam Z. Thelen, Allison J.L. Dewar, Matthew J. Henley, Carol A. Fierke
Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan
04:30-04:45pmStructural insights into how the tandem RRMs of hnRNP A1 bind RNA stem loops
Christopher E. Morgan, Jennifer L. Meagher, Jeffrey D. Levengood, Carrie Rollins, James Delproposto, Jeanne A. Stuckey, Blanton S. Tolbert
Department of Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University
04:45-05:00pmStructural analysis of the Ccq1-Tpz1-Poz1 telomere subcomplex in fission yeast
Harry Scott
Department of Pharmacology, Case Western University
05:00-05:10pmStretch Break

Session III: Keynote Lecture, Dr. Ronald Breaker
Wilderness Hall South

05:15-06:20pmDr Ronald Breaker (Yale University and HHMI)
Prospects for Ribozyme and Riboswitch Discovery
06:20-06:30pmPI Meeting and Additional Poster Setup
06:30-07:30pmDinner (Wilderness Hall North)
07:30-09:00pmPoster Session I Odd number posters attended
09:00-10:30pmPoster Session II Even number posters attended

Saturday, Oct 24

06:30-08:30amBreakfast (Wilderness Hall North)

Session IV: A Day In The Life Of An RNA Part II: Translation and Decay
CHAIR: Thomas Gallagher
Wilderness Hall South

08:30-08:45amAlternative translation initiation site usage under environmental stress conditions.
Pieter Spealman, Joel McManus
Department of Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University
08:45-09:00amTranslation initiation is controlled by RNA folding kinetics via a ribosome drafting mechanism
Amin Espah Borujeni, Howard M. Salis
Chemical Engineering, Penn State University
09:00-09:15amATP hydrolysis by Upf1 promotes efficient translation termination on substrates of the nonsense-mediated mRNA decay pathway in yeast
Lucas D. Serdar, Dajuan Whiteside, Kristian E. Baker
Center for RNA Molecular Biology, Case Western Reserve University
09:15-09:30amThe life and times of transcribed RNA as told through global nascent RNA sequencing
Brian Magnuson, Artur Veloso, Michelle Paulsen, Frederick Derheimer, Zahid Bonday, Mats Ljungman
School of Public Health Environmental Health Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
09:30-09:45amThe naturally-occurring non-stop mRNAs from Arabidopsis display relatively low stability
Laura de Lorenzo , Arthur G. Hunt
Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 40546-0312, USA.
09:45-10:00amADARs Antagonize Deadenylase-dependent Destabilization of a Nuclear-retained RNA
Aparna Anantharaman, Vidisha Tripathi, Kannanganattu V. Prasanth, Abid Khan, Supriya G. Prasanth, Je-Hyun Yoon, Myriam Gorospe, Johan Ohlson, Helene Wahlstedt, Marie Ohman, Shuomeng Guang, Jian Ma, Jochen C. Hartner, Shinichi Nakagawa, Tetsuro Hirose, Michael F. Jantsch
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
10:00-10:15amAlternative exon junction complexes differentially mark mRNAs targeted for Nonsense Mediated mRNA Decay
Lauren Woodward, Justin Mabin, Guramrit Singh
Molecular Genetics The Ohio State University
10:15-10:45amCoffee Break

Session V: RNA in Disease, RNA in Health, and RNA in Biotechnology
CHAIR: Natalie McAdams
Wilderness Hall South

10:45-11:00amRelocalization of Human Lysyl-tRNA Synthetase following HIV-1 Infection: Implications for tRNA Primer Recruitment
Alice Duchon , Nathan Titkemeier, Corine St. Gelais, Li Wu, Karin Musier-Forsyth
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Center for RNA Biology, Center for Retroviral Research, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210
11:00-11:15amCharacterizing the role of DDX41, a DEAD-box RNA helicase, in blood cancer and the spliceosome
James M. Hiznay, Chantana Polprasert, Hideki Makishima, Xiaorong Gu, Yogen Saunthararajah, Carsten Mller-Tidow, Eckhard Jankowsky, Jaroslaw P. Maciejewski, Richard A. Padgett
Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic
11:15-11:30amMechanisms of unconventional translation initiation at CGG repeats in the Fragile X mRNA, FMR1.
Michael G. Kearse, Katelyn M. Green, Amy Krans, Caitlin M. Rodriquez, Alexander E. Linsalata, Aaron C. Goldstrohm, Peter K. Todd
Dept. of Neurology, Dept. of Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan
11:30-11:45amEnhanced MicroRNA Detection Assays Based on Tyramide Signal Amplification and GammaPNA Probes.
Munira Fouz , Lauren Xu , Danith Ly , Veronica Hinman , Subha R. Das , Bruce Armitage
Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University
11:45-12:00pmRNA as a unique polymer to build functional nanostructures for material and biomedical applications
Hui Li, Peixuan Guo
Nanobiotechnology Center, Markey Cancer Center, and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40536
12:00-12:15pmStretch Break

Session VI: Principal Investigator Presentations
CHAIR: Derek Taylor
Wilderness Hall South

12:15-12:35pmMechanism of PWI Motif Binding to Nucleic Acids
Harry Chanzu, Elizabeth I. Lopez, Denise Flores, Blair R. Szymczyna
Dept. of Chemistry, Western Michigan University
12:35-12:55pmSilencing of a telomeric gene by a noncoding RNA derived from its own 3’-UTR
Jayakrishnan Nandakumar, Kamlesh Bisht
Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Michigan
12:55-01:15pmClosing Remarks and Award Presentations