Friday, Oct 25

12:00-03:00pmWorkshop 1
12:00-03:00pmWorkshop 2
12:00-03:00pmMeeting Registration
02:00-03:00pmWelcome Reception
03:00-03:10pmWelcome & Opening Remarks
03:30-03:45pmDisruption of Minor Intron Splicing in Inherited Developmental Disorders
Elizabeth DeLaney, Rosemary C. Dietrich, James M. Hiznay, David E. Symer, Richard A. Padgett
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Sciences, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
03:45-04:00pmDevelopment and characterization of an inducible, hepatocyte-specific mouse model of myotonic dystrophy type 1
Andrew Gupta, Zac Dewald, Ullas Chembazhi, Auinash Kalsotra
Department of Biochemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL
04:00-04:15pmThe kernel of truth: The role of ASAP complex in abscisic acid response regulation during seed germination and early seedling development in Arabidopsis thaliana
Anna Hu, Claire Schaef, Xiao-Ning Zhang
Biochemistry Program, Department of Biology
04:15-04:30pmPre-clinical models of PCH10 link CLP1 p.R140H mutation with mRNA misprocessing in motor neuron degeneration
Geneva R. LaForce, Jordan S. Farr, Cydni Akesson, Evren Gumus, Eric J. Wagner, Polyxeni Philippidou, Ashleigh E. Schaffer
Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences, Case Western Reserve University
04:30-04:45pmPost-transcriptional regulation of poly(A) binding proteins controls protein synthesis and cardiac growth during development and disease
Joe Seimetz, Bo Zhang, Sandip Chorghade, Stefan Bresson, Nicholas Conrad, Auinash Kalsotra
Department of Biochemistry, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
04:45-05:00pmCoffee Break
05:00-06:00pmKeynote Lecture
07:45-11:00pmPoster Session

Saturday, Oct 26

08:45-09:00amMany commutes to work: species specific movement of intron-containing pre-tRNAs from nucleus to cytoplasm by multiple, parallel nuclear tRNA export pathways in yeast
Kunal Chatterjee, Anita K.Hopper
Molecular Genetics, The Ohio State University
09:00-09:15amRole of the bifunctional aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase EPRS in human disease
Nathan Kudlapur, Danni Jin, Ronald Wek, Karin Musier-Forsyth
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Center for RNA Biology, The Ohio State University
09:15-09:30amTitle not published online - please see printed booklet
Jenna M. Lentini, Hessa S. Alsaif, Eissa Faqeih, Fowzan S. Alkuraya, Dragony Fu
Department of Biology, Center for RNA Biology, University of Rochester
09:30-09:45amElucidating the mechanism of BMAA misincorporation and its impact on translation
Nien-Ching Han, Tammy J. Bullwinkle, Kaeli F. Loeb, Kym F. Faull, Michael Ibba
Department of Microbiology, The Ohio State University
09:45-10:00amTitle not published online - please see printed booklet
Kommireddy Vasu, Abul Arif, Fulvia Terenzi, Iyappan Ramachandiran, Aayushi Chechi, Debjit Khan, Arnab China, Paul L. Fox
Department of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Sciences, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic, USA
10:00-10:15amRNA Folding as a Trigger for the Release of Pre-Ribosomes from the Nucleolus
Amber J. LaPeruta, Jelena Micic, Melissa Tosiano, David Kim, John L. Woolford Jr.
Carnegie Mellon University Department of Biological Sciences
10:15-10:30amMicroRNA-574-FAM210A Axis Regulates Mitochondrial Translation and Influences Pathological Cardiac Remodeling
Kadiam C Venkata Subbaiah, Jiangbin Wu, Peng Yao
Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute, Department of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry, Rochester, New York 14586
11:00-11:15amCompetition between ligand and transcription factor NusA binding modulates riboswitch-mediated regulation of transcription
Adrien Chauvier, Pujan Ajmera, Nils Walter
University of Michigan - Department of Chemistry
11:15-11:30amStructural insight into small Molecule Targeting IRES Domain and Inhibition of Enterovirus 71 Replication
Liang-Yuan Chiu, Jesse Davila-Calderon, Andrew Sugarman, Gary Brewer, Amanda E. Hargrove, Blanton S. Tolbert
Case Western Reserve University, Chemistry department
11:30-11:45amRNA structure elucidation at single molecule resolution using an integrated framework of long read sequencing and SHAPE-Seq
Swapna Vidhur Daulatabad, Molly E. Evans, Quoseena Mir, Julius B. Lucks, Sarath Chandra Janga
Department of Biohealth Informatics, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, United States
11:45-12:00pmBehavior of G-quadruplexes in the presence of biological ions and small molecules
Allison M. Williams, Philip C. Bevilacqua
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Center for RNA Molecular Biology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
12:00-12:15pmInvestigating TRAP-mediated attenuation of the trp operon with cotranscriptional SHAPE-Seq
Kiel D. Kreuzer, Molly E. Evans, Julius B. Lucks, Paul Gollnick
Department of Biological Sciences, University at Buffalo
12:15-12:30pmTrypanosoma brucei RAP1 has an RNA binding activity that is essential for VSG monoallelic expression
Amit Kumar Gaurav, Marjia Afrin, Xian Yang, Xuehua Pan, Ranjodh Sandhu, Arpita Saha, Yanxiang Zhao, Bibo Li
Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease, Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences, College of Sciences and Health Professions, Cleveland State University
12:30-12:45pmMultidomain Convergence of Argonaute During RISC Assembly Correlates with the Formation of Internal Water Clusters
Mi Seul Park, Raul Araya-Secchi, James A. Brackbill, Hong-Duc Phan, Audrey C. Kehling, Ekram W. Abd El-Wahab, Daniel M. Dayeh, Marcos Sotomayor, Kotaro Nakanishi
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The Ohio State University
01:00-02:15pmResilience Lunch Discussion
02:30-02:45pmCatalytic flexibility of the lariat-debranching enzyme, Dbr1
Aiswarya Krishnamohan, Daoming Qin, Xiuqi Chen, Jonathan Staley
Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Chicago
02:45-03:00pmMDM2 alternative splicing is regulated by microRNA binding: A novel pathway of MDM2 regulation
Matias Montes, Dawn Chandler
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program, The Ohio State University
03:00-03:15pmHuman nonsense-mediated mRNA decay is largely independent of UPF3B
Zhongxia Yi, Guramrit Singh
Department of Molecular Genetics, Center for RNA Biology, The Ohio State University
03:15-03:30pmInhibition of cytoplasmic cap methylation identifies 5’ TOP mRNAs as recapping targets and reveals recapping sites downstream of native 5’ ends
Daniel del Valle-Morales, Jackson B. Trotman, Ralf Bundschuh, Daniel R. Schoenberg
Center for RNA Biology, Department of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Program, The Ohio State University
03:30-03:50pmHigh-resolution integrative analyses define precise cytoplasmic RNA recapping sites in mammalian cells
Trinh T. Tat, Dongyu Zhao, Kaifu Chen, Daniel L. Kiss
Houston Methodist Research Institute, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, Houston, TX
03:50-04:10pmNon-canonical Function of the piRNA Pathway in C. elegans
Wen Tang, Craig Mello
The Department of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology, The Ohio State University
04:10-04:40pmAwards and Closing Remarks