Workshop 2 is filled to capacity. Please register for Workshop 1.

It's time to register for trainee workshops! The workshops will run from 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM. The scientific sessions will begin at 1:15 PM.

Workshops will be capped at 24 participants each. A limited number of rooms for Thursday night at no charge will be available for the workshop participants. If you registered as an underrepresented minority in science, your room will be covered. For other participants, rooms will be provided first come first served. We will let you know in plenty of time whether you have obtained one of these rooms.

How to register. Email meeting co-chair with the following:

Subject: RRM Workshop

Workshop 1: Deliberate Engagement

Moderator: Blanton Tolbert, PhD,  Case Western Reserve University

This empowerment workshop will give you a framework to assess the degree to which your academic and laboratory cultures are inclusive, welcoming, and bias-free, and methods to effect the changes you wish to see. 

Workshop 2: Mining the Great "Omics" Data Harvest

Organizer: Joel McManus, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Much genomic data is public and freely accessible, provided you know how to access and use it. This technical workshop will give you the skills to access and use public genomic data (RNA-seq, Ribo-Seq, eCLOP, genomic annotations, etc.).