Talk abstracts

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Time Presenter Title PI
Friday 01:00-01:12pmArmend Axhemi
Selectivity in substrate binding by the exonuclease Rrp6p Eckhard Jankowsky
Friday 01:12-01:24pmYotam Blech-Hermoni
CELF1 is necessary for myofibril organization and cardiac morphology during embryonic development Andrea Ladd
Friday 01:24-01:36pmThomas Gallagher
Pnrc2 is required for rapid decay of oscillating transcripts via their 3’ UTR Sharon Amacher
Friday 01:36-01:48pmDaJuan Whiteside
Mechanistic insight into the association of the NMD factor, Upf1p, with mRNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Kristian Baker
Friday 01:48-02:00pmJagjit Singh
Significance of novel RNA-protein interaction in U12-dependent splicing Girish Shukla
Friday 02:00-02:12pmSandy Tretbar
Conformational control of the U2 snRNA by Cus2p Aaron Hoskins
Friday 02:12-02:24pmJake A. Kloeber
Phosphorylation regulates assembly of cancer-relevant splicing factors SF3b155 and SPF45 Dr. Clara Kielkopf
Friday 02:24-02:36pmVladimir Presnyak
Codon optimization is a major determinant of mRNA half-life in Saccharomyces cerevisia Jeff Coller
Friday 02:36-02:48pmSmarajit Mondal
NusA-dependent transcription termination in bacteria Babitzke Paul
Friday 02:48-03:00pmMarina Falaleeva
Numerous C/D box snoRNAs are associated with the spliceosome, form non-canonical ribonuclear protein complexes and regulate alternative splicing Stefan Stamm
Friday 03:30-03:42pmChelsea Hull
Regulation of the RNA-Activated Protein Kinase (PKR) by Highly Structured Direct and Indirect Bacterial Riboswitches Philip Bevilacqua
Friday 03:42-03:54pmNiyati Jain
Phylogenetic, Structure and thermodynamic insight of HIV-1 Intronic splicing silencer (ISS) Blanton Tolbert
Friday 03:54-04:06pmHsuan-Chun Lin
Next-generation tools for RNA enzymology: Determination of rate and equilibrium constants for large populations of RNA substrate variants using high throughput sequencing. Mike Harris
Friday 04:06-04:18pmDaniel Binzel
Entropy As a Key Factor for One Step Formation of Phi29 pRNA 3WJ from Three RNA Fragments Peixuan Guo
Friday 04:18-04:30pmKaylen Lott
DRBD18 is an essential Trypanosome RNA binding protein that modulates RNA abundance and is regulated by arginine methylation Laurie Read
Friday 04:30-04:42pmGayan Mirihana Arachchilage
Title not published online Soumitra Basu
Friday 04:42-04:54pmLaurie Heinicke
Dissecting miRNA function and localization using single molecule approaches Nils Walter
Friday 04:54-05:06pmRaul Jobava
Novel functions of cytochrome C in the cellular response to stress Maria Hatzoglou
Friday 05:06-05:18pmPatrick Ochieng
Multiple Conformational Sampling Achieved By Alternate Base-Pairing in Loop A of the Hairpin Ribozyme Charles Hoogstraten
Friday 05:18-05:30pmBenjamin Cieply
Using Protein mRNA tethering to identify novel splicing factors Russ Carstens
Saturday 08:30-08:42amSanjaya Abeysirigunawardena
Ribosomal proteins influence RNA dynamics during 30S assembly Woodson Sarah
Saturday 08:42-08:54amRohan Balakrishnan
Title not published online Kurt Fredrick
Saturday 08:54-09:06amBeril Kumcuoglu
Eukaryote-specific extensions of ribosomal proteins are involved in 60S ribosomal subunit assembly John Woolford
Saturday 09:06-09:06amJonathan Dinman
Ribosomal frameshifting in the CCR5 mRNA is regulated by miRNAs and NMD. Jonathan Dinman
Saturday 09:18-09:30amSara Elgamal
EF-P Dependent Pauses Integrate Proximal and Distal Signals during Translation Michael Ibba
Saturday 09:30-09:42amKrishna Patel
Base pair recognition by the Thg1 family 3'-5' polymerases Jane Jackman
Saturday 09:42-09:54amDaniel L Kiss
Cap homeostasis is independent of poly(A) tail length Daniel Schoenberg
Saturday 09:54-10:06amKatherine Anderson
Title not published online Juan Alfonzo
Saturday 10:06-10:18amHeather Feaga
Ribosome release from non-stop mRNAs is essential Kenneth Keiler
Saturday 10:18-10:30amHeather Beck
Potential for novel regulation via AUG triplets at the 5’ termini of canonical leadered mRNAs of Escherichia coli Gary Janssen
Saturday 02:00-02:12pmRoderico Acevedo
Helical Defects in MicroRNA Influence Protein Binding by TAR RNA Binding Protein Showalter Scott A.
Saturday 02:12-02:24pmDebjani Guha
HIV-1 alters host cellular gene expression in target cell specific manner through microRNA regulation Velpandi Ayyavoo
Saturday 02:24-02:36pmPriscilla Wong
Title not published online Kausik Chakrabarti
Saturday 02:36-02:48pmMatthew R. Willmann
Global analysis of RNA-protein interaction site and RNA secondary structure dynamics in response to the plant hormone abscisic acid Brian D. Gregory
Saturday 02:48-03:00pmCeyda Jada Coruh
Comprehensive annotation of Physcomitrella patens small RNA loci reveals 23nt heterochromatic siRNAs dependent on a minimal Dicer-Like gene Michael J Axtell
Saturday 03:00-03:12pmYizhu Lin
High-throughput probing of human lncRNA secondary structure by Mod-seq Joel McManus
Saturday 03:15-03:35pmAndrea Berman
The LARP1-motif contains structurally conserved but sequence diverged repeats Andrea Berman
Saturday 03:35-03:55pmSarath Chandra Janga
Uncovering the RNA binding protein machinery associated with age and gender during liver development Sarath Chandra Janga