Presentation Guidelines

Upon registration, presenters will be contacted with specific details about their presentation session and any further guidelines.

Oral Presentations

Trainee presentation sessions will accommodate between five and seven 15-minute talks (12 minutes for presentation with three minutes for questions). Please note that talks by undergraduates are encouraged and will be given full consideration for inclusion in each oral session.

Update - oral presentations will be delivered via zoom webinar. You DO NOT need to upload your presentation in advance. You will share your screen from your own computer. Please be aware that, depending on network bottlenecks, animations may not transmit smoothly during your talk (so avoid rotating / zooming movies of structures).

Poster Presentations

Poster files must be provided in .png format by October 19, 2020. This is required so that we have enough time to upload your poster to the gather conference site.

Poster files must be:
1. In .png format
2. At least 1000 pixels for the width
3. At least 600 pixels for the height
4. No more than 10MB file size
5. No transparent background