Talk abstracts

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Time Presenter Title PI
Friday 03:30-03:45pmElizabeth DeLaney
Disruption of Minor Intron Splicing in Inherited Developmental Disorders Richard Padgett
Friday 03:45-04:00pmAndrew Gupta
Development and characterization of an inducible, hepatocyte-specific mouse model of myotonic dystrophy type 1 Auinash Kalstora
Friday 04:00-04:15pmAnna Hu
The kernel of truth: The role of ASAP complex in abscisic acid response regulation during seed germination and early seedling development in Arabidopsis thaliana Xiao-Ning Zhang
Friday 04:15-04:30pmGeneva LaForce
Pre-clinical models of PCH10 link CLP1 p.R140H mutation with mRNA misprocessing in motor neuron degeneration Ashleigh Schaffer
Friday 04:30-04:45pmJoe Seimetz
Post-transcriptional regulation of poly(A) binding proteins controls protein synthesis and cardiac growth during development and disease Auinash Kalsotra
Saturday 08:45-09:00amKunal Chatterjee
Many commutes to work: species specific movement of intron-containing pre-tRNAs from nucleus to cytoplasm by multiple, parallel nuclear tRNA export pathways in yeast Anita Hopper
Saturday 09:00-09:15amNathan Kudlapur
Role of the bifunctional aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase EPRS in human disease Karin Musier-Forsyth
Saturday 09:15-09:30amJenna Lentini
Title not published online Dragony Fu
Saturday 09:30-09:45amNien-Ching Han
Elucidating the mechanism of BMAA misincorporation and its impact on translation Michael Ibba
Saturday 09:45-10:00amVasu Kommireddy
Title not published online Paul Fox
Saturday 10:00-10:15amAmber LaPeruta
RNA Folding as a Trigger for the Release of Pre-Ribosomes from the Nucleolus John Woolford
Saturday 10:15-10:30amKadiam C Venkata Subbaiah
MicroRNA-574-FAM210A Axis Regulates Mitochondrial Translation and Influences Pathological Cardiac Remodeling Postdoc
Saturday 11:00-11:15amAdrien Chauvier
Competition between ligand and transcription factor NusA binding modulates riboswitch-mediated regulation of transcription Nils Walter
Saturday 11:15-11:30amLiang-Yuan Chiu
Structural insight into small Molecule Targeting IRES Domain and Inhibition of Enterovirus 71 Replication Blanton Tolbert
Saturday 11:30-11:45amSwapna Vidhur Daulatabad
RNA structure elucidation at single molecule resolution using an integrated framework of long read sequencing and SHAPE-Seq Sarath Janga
Saturday 11:45-12:00pmAllison Williams
Behavior of G-quadruplexes in the presence of biological ions and small molecules Phil Bevilacqua
Saturday 12:00-12:15pmKiel Kreuzer
Investigating TRAP-mediated attenuation of the trp operon with cotranscriptional SHAPE-Seq Paul Gollnick
Saturday 12:15-12:30pmAmit Gaurav
Trypanosoma brucei RAP1 has an RNA binding activity that is essential for VSG monoallelic expression Bibo Li
Saturday 12:30-12:45pmMi Seul Park
Multidomain Convergence of Argonaute During RISC Assembly Correlates with the Formation of Internal Water Clusters Kotaro Nakanishi
Saturday 02:30-02:45pmAiswarya Krishnamohan
Catalytic flexibility of the lariat-debranching enzyme, Dbr1 Jonathan Staley
Saturday 02:45-03:00pmMatias Montes
MDM2 alternative splicing is regulated by microRNA binding: A novel pathway of MDM2 regulation Dawn Chandler
Saturday 03:00-03:15pmZhongxia Yi
Human nonsense-mediated mRNA decay is largely independent of UPF3B Guramrit Singh
Saturday 03:15-03:30pmDaniel del Valle-Morales
Inhibition of cytoplasmic cap methylation identifies 5’ TOP mRNAs as recapping targets and reveals recapping sites downstream of native 5’ ends Daniel Schoenberg
Saturday 03:30-03:50pmDaniel L Kiss
High-resolution integrative analyses define precise cytoplasmic RNA recapping sites in mammalian cells Daniel L Kiss
Saturday 03:50-04:10pmWen Tang
Non-canonical Function of the piRNA Pathway in C. elegans Wen Tang