Talk abstracts

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Time Presenter Title PI
Friday 01:15-01:30pmDavid Mitchell III
In vivo RNA structural probing of uracil and guanine base pairing by 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)carbodiimide (EDC) Phil Bevilacqua
Friday 01:30-01:45pmMolly Evans
Maximizing quantitative structural information from high-throughput RNA structure probing Julius Lucks
Friday 01:45-02:00pmJanie Frandsen
Title not published online Tina Henkin
Friday 02:00-02:15pmDeepak Sharma
KIN-CLIP: transcriptome-wide kinetics for RNA-protein interactions in cells Eckhard Jankowsky
Friday 02:15-02:30pmAudrey Kehling
Title not published online Kotaro Nakanishi
Friday 02:30-02:45pmHiba Al-Ashtal
Title not published online Andrea Berman
Friday 03:15-03:30pmRaja Shekar Varma Kadumuri
Accurate transcriptome-wide identification of m5C RNA modification events at single molecule resolution from direct RNA sequencing of human cell lines Sarath Janga
Friday 03:30-03:45pmVishal Nanavaty
DNA methylation regulates mRNA alternative cleavage and polyadenylation Angela Ting
Friday 03:45-04:00pmAlicia Bao
The association of tRNA intron accumulation with environmental stress conditions Anita Hopper
Friday 04:00-04:15pmSamantha Dodbele
An orphan 3’-5’ polymerase implicated in noncoding RNA processing Jane Jackman
Friday 04:15-04:30pmGeeta Palsule
Maturation of Drosophila intronic-RNase P RNA (RPR) critically depends on association with its protein subunits Amanda Simcox
Saturday 08:45-09:00amDaniel Wilson
Final maturation stages of the polypeptide exit tunnel John Woolford
Saturday 09:00-09:15amChristina Akirtava
Quantitative analysis of yeast Kozak variants for AUG and near-AUG start codons using a massively parallel reporter assay Joel McManus
Saturday 09:15-09:30amDavidnhan To
Discovery and characterization of peptide inhibitors of RsmC function Sanjaya Abeysirigunawardena
Saturday 09:30-09:45amJessica Willi
Rusty ribosomes: how oxidation damages rRNA and affects translation Pat Limbach
Saturday 09:45-10:00amMonika Franco
Pseudouridylation of mRNA can alter translation elongation, fidelity and termination Kristin Koutmou
Saturday 10:00-10:15amXiaozhuo Liu
Ribosome binding by yeast eIF4B drives stress-induced changes in translation Sarah Walker
Saturday 10:15-10:30amJiangbin Wu
MiR-574-FAM210A axis maintains cardiac mitochondrial translational homeostasis Peng Yao
Saturday 11:00-11:15amQinyu Sun
MIR100 host gene-encoded lncRNAs regulate cell cycle by modulating the interaction between HuR and its target mRNAs Prasanth Kannanganattu
Saturday 11:15-11:30amXuan Guo
Dynamic regulation of alternative splicing of neurofibromatosis type 1 exon 23a in the mouse brain Hua Lou
Saturday 11:30-11:45amCourtney Hershberger
LUC7L2 is a splicing regulatory protein that is frequently mutated in bone marrow neoplasms Richard Padgett
Saturday 11:45-12:00pmChaitali Misra
Overexpression of a non-muscle RBFOX2 splice isoform induces cardiac arrhythmias in Myotonic Dystrophy Auinash Kalsotra
Saturday 12:00-12:15pmAlexander Linsalata
DDX3X Modulates CGG-Associated RAN Translation and Neuronal Toxicity Peter Todd
Saturday 12:15-12:35pmDaniel Dominguez
High levels of intron-containing transcripts in aggressive cancers Daniel Dominguez
Saturday 12:35-12:55pmHeidi Dvinge
Regulation of human alternative splicing by the spliceosomal small nuclear RNAs Dvinge Heidi