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Number Presenter Title PI
1Yehong Qiu
A cancer-associated mutation in a human mitochondrial tRNA induces structural rearrangement Venkat Gopalan
2Manohar Chakrabarti
A genome-wide alternative polyadenylation atlas of abiotic stress responses in sorghum Arthur Hunt
3Edric Choi
A high-throughput, fluorescence turn-on assay to measure RNase P activity Venkat Gopalan
4Daniel del Valle-Morales
A new approach to identifying cytoplasmic capping targets in cells and tissues Daniel Schoenberg
5Udit Sheth
A screen for chemical inhibitors of repeat associated non-AUG (RAN) translation Peter Todd
6Zhongxia Yi
A specific Exon Junction Complex composition may support UPF3B-independent nonsense-mediated mRNA decay Guramrit Singh
7Pranathi Vadlamani
ADAR3 Inhibits RNA Editing and Promotes Differential Gene Expression in Glioblastoma Heather Hundley
8Deepak Kumar Lakshmipathi
Alternative splicing profile comparison of differentiating T-helper cells to dissect the splicing signatures of Th1, Th2, Th17 and Treg cells Sarath Janga
9Sushant Bangru
Alternative splicing rewires Hippo signaling pathway in hepatocytes to promote liver regeneration Auinash Kalsotra
10Jose Victorino
Title not published online Amber Mosley
11Jian Wu
An RNA element in PSTVd determines intercellular movement from epidermal to mesophyll cells David M. Bisaro
12Eviania Likos
Title not published online Girish Shukla
13Sukanya Srinivasan
Auxiliary domains of the mammalian DEAH/RHA helicase DHX36 work in concert with the helicase core domains to remodel RNA structures. Eckhard Jankowsky
14Kunal Chatterjee
Biological significance of multiple, parallel primary tRNA nuclear export pathways in budding yeast Anita Hopper
15Shannon Wright
Blocking RAN translation enhances FMRP expression and reduces toxicity in Fragile X stem cells. Peter Todd
16Shiqin Miao
bPNA probes of RNA tertiary interactions Dennis Bong
17Kennedy Stoll
Characterization of a putative R2 retrotransposon and its HSV-like ribozyme in vertebrates Kim Delaney
18Shuohui Liu
Characterization of interactions between HIV-1 integrase, nucleocapsid and genomic RNA using AFM and SHAPE Karin Musier-Forsyth
19Andrew Goodwin
Title not published online Dawn Chandler
20Pearlly Yan
CLEAR: Coverage-based Limiting-cell Experiment Analysis for RNA-seq Pearlly Yan
21Andrew Riley
Cloning and Overexpression of Pseduouridine Monophosphate Synthase from Escherichia Coli Mina Sumita
22Yizhu Lin
Codon usage and position alter the functions of upstream open reading frames Joel McManus
23Rabiul Islam
Title not published online Christine Chow
24Adam Richardson
Coordination of G4R1, RNAPII, and AGO proteins to regulate the transcription of developmental genes and proto-oncogenes Smaldino Philip
25Leah Zagore
Dazl regulates germ cell survival through a network of polyA-proximal mRNA interactions Donny Licatalosi
26Meredith Purchal
Deciphering mRNA Pseudouridylation in Eukaryotes Markos Koutmos
27Tyler Smith
Decoupling the roles of peptide and mRNA in ribosome pausing during the translation of positively charged peptide sequences Kristin Koutmou
28Sydney Rosenblum
Detecting miRNA-miRBP interactions with a cell-based split-enzyme assay Amanda Garner
29Manasses Jora
Detection of ribonucleoside modifications by liquid chromatography higher-energy collisional dissociation mass spectrometry (LC-HCD-MS) and spectral matching Pat Limbach
30Nathan Howell
Determinants of substrate specificity for the Trm10 family of tRNA modification enzymes Jane Jackman
31Hannah Sizemore
Determining the role of tRNA modifications on pseudohyphal growth in yeast Michael Guy
32Nathan McCann
Title not published online Emil Khisamutdinov
33Whitney Bergman
Title not published online Sanjaya Abeysirigunawardena
34Elizabeth DeLaney
Disruption of Minor Intron Splicing in Inherited Developmental Disorders Richard Padgett
35Scott Hinger
Diverse long-RNAs are differentially sorted into extracellular vesicles secreted by colorectal cancer cells Dr. James G. Patton
36Courtney Szyjka
DksA-like factor YteA enhances transcription attenuation of the trp operon in Bacillus subtilis Paul Gollnick
37Brianna Tylec
Editing of Minimally Edited RNA CYb in Trypanosoma brucei Laurie Read
38Lauren Woodward
EJC protein composition and position on mRNAs are influenced by translation Guramrit Singh
39Patrick Stevens
Title not published online Sarath Janga
40Sasank Vemuri
Title not published online Sarath Janga
41Angela Yu
Estimating RNA structure chemical probing reactivities from reverse transcriptase stops and mutations Julius Lucks
42Claire Smathers
Exploring splicing and retrotransposition in a mobile group IIC intron Aaron Robart
43Ila Marathe
Fluorescence turn-on upon annealing of cyanine dye-labeled bPNAs to uridine-tract-containing RNAs Venkat Gopalan
44Neocles Leontis
Folding Complex RNA with Fewer Gs: Comparison of Composition and Distribution of Nucleotides in ribosomal RNA from Avian and Mammalian mitochondria. Neocles Leontis
45Ullas Valiya Chembazhi
Function and regulation of alternative splicing to enhance tumor suppressor activity of Neurofibromin 2 Auinash Kalsotra
46Arundhati Mohanta
Functional Definition of Domain Structures and Distribution in RNA Lariat Debranching Enzyme Kausik Chakrabarti
47Felipe Porto
Functional dissection and comparative analysis of alternative splicing events from lncRNA perturbation screens across human cell types Sarath Janga
48Armend Axhemi
Functional synergy between Rrp6p and Rrp44p in the nuclear exosome Eckhard Jankowsky
49Emily Ranseen
Gene expression and alternative polyadenylation in an Arabidopsis sr45 mutant Arthur Hunt
50Diana Renteria Alvarez
Title not published online Kausik Chakrabarti
51Salini Konikkat
Genome-wide RNA 3’-end Mapping identifies riboregulators and reveals the effects azithromycin on transcription in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Joel McManus
52Waqar Arif
High - resolution and cell - type specific polysome profiling from mouse tissues Auinash Kalsotra
53Divyaa Bhagdikar
Title not published online Tina Henkin
54Nicolette Geron
Identification of DNA aptamer with modified nucleotide Mina Sumita
55Maggie Thomas
Identification of the enzyme responsible for the acp3U modification in bacteria Michael Guy
56Jinghan Zhao
Identify Rbfox-regulated transcripts important for muscle function Sharon Amacher
57Alex Runyon
Importance of conserved elements in the Bacillus subtilis thrS canonical T-box riboswitch Tina Henkin
58Megan Van Horn
Inhibition of lariat debranching enzyme with click-branched RNA: effects of the 2'-branch and the branch-point residue Subha R. Das
59Sarah Venus
Interactions with Vaccinia Virus K7 Protein Alter the Biochemical Activity of the DEAD-Box RNA Helicase DDX3X Eckhard Jankowsky
60Chad Ratterman
Investigating active site mutants of lariat debranching enzyme with backbone branched RNA Subha R. Das
61Cydni Akesson
Investigating how DAZL regulates its RNA targets using BioID and immunostaining Donny Licatalosi
62Jazmin Marks-Burns
Investigating the effects of PUS5 deletion on mitochondrial encoded protein expression in Candida albicans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Douglas Bernstein
63Xinrui Zhang
Investigating the post-transcriptional regulatory roles of HuR and SF2 in interleukin-17 mediated inflammation Donny Licatalosi
64Noah Daniels
Investigating the Role of DDX41 in pre-messenger RNA Splicing and Leukemogenesis Richard Padgett
65Yow Yong Tan
Investigating the role of the bulge and pentaloop for htrA RNA thermometer melting behavior Rachel Mitton-Fry
66Ethan Pickerill
Investigation of pseudouridine synthase 7 function in pathogenic yeast candida albicans Douglas Bernstein
67Stella Lai
L7Ae enhances the cleavage rate of archaeal RNase P Venkat Gopalan
68Murat C. Kalem
lncRNA Regulation by Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5, Rmt5. John C. Panepinto
69Natalie Deans
Maize RMR12 is a CHD3 nucleosome remodeler required for maintaining paramutations and normal development Jay Hollick
70Prabuddha Madubashitha
Mass spectrometry-based mapping of RNA-binding molecules Christine Chow
71Menglin Chen
Measures of ‘single’- versus multiple- round translation argue against a mechanism to ensure coupling of transcription and translation Kurt Fredrick
72Brittany Stawicki
Metabolic labeling of RNA in synchronized S. cerevisiae daughter cells Eckhard Jankowsky
73McKenzie Murvin
Methylation of Ded1 affects its role in translation Angie Hilliker
74Christina Chung
MicroRNA stability is regulated by oncogenic protein kinase Akt1 Ilka Heinemann
75Jagjit Singh
Modeling the effects of U4atac snRNA mutations using human iPS cell-derived brain organoids Richard Padgett
76Safiya Khurshid
Title not published online Dawn Chandler
77Reshma Raghava Kurup
Molecular function of ADAR3 in neuronal activity Heather Hundley
78Suba Rajendren
Molecular Mechanisms to Regulate the Substrate Recognition of an A-to-I RNA Editing Enzyme Heather Hundley
79Kristin Koutmou
mRNA modifications alter translation elongation and fidelity Kristin Koutmou
80Pepsi Holmquist
Native Mass Spectrometry of Ligand-Mediated Activation of RNA binding by TRAP Mark Foster
81Jeremy Lant
Natural tRNA variation and visualizing mistranslation in human cells. Patrick ODonoghue
82Liang-Yuan Chiu
NMR studies of conformational selection of hnRNP H on RNA recognition and its interaction with the HIV exonic splicing silencer ESS2P RNA Blanton Tolbert
83Qinyu Hao
Nucleolus-enriched repeat-containing noncoding RNA regulates rDNA transcription. Prasanth Kannanganattu
84Kaba Tandjigora
Optimization of a fluorescence-based assay for high throughput screening of small molecule inhibitors of the DEAD-box RNA helicase DDX3X Eckhard Jankowsky
85Gabriel Silveira dAlmeida
Overcoming a “molecular ruler” mechanism: the unusual heterotrimeric tRNA splicing endonuclease of Trypanosoma brucei Juan Alfonzo
86Feikai Lin
Overexpression of a non-muscle RBFOX2 splice isoform induce cardiac arrhythmias in Myotonic Dystrophy Auinash Kalsotra
87Dessalegn Nemera
PEGylated Oligonucleotide Synthesis – From Research Scale to Production Scale Eduardo Paredes
88Ansuman Sahoo
Phosphorylation is yeast eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4A drives stress-induced changes in growth Sarah Walker
89Kiel Tietz
Pnrc2 regulates 3'UTR-mediated decay of cyclic transcripts during somitogenesis Sharon Amacher
90Joe Seimetz
Poly(A) Binding Proteins Tune Translation in the Heart Auinash Kalsotra
91Miranda Gurra
Polypyrimidine tract-binding protein 1 (PTBP1) is a key regulator of hepatocyte responses to toxin induced injury Auinash Kalsotra
92Mamta Kaura
Process Development for the Synthesis of Chemically Modified DNA Oligonucleotide Arnie De Leon
93Anna Nielander
Process validation approach for oligonucleotides NA
94Pooja Gangras
Proximal 3'UTR introns elicit EJC-dependent NMD during zebrafish development. Guramrit Singh
95Kumudie Jayalath
Pseudouridylation enzyme RsuA influence 30S ribosome assembly Sanjaya Abeysirigunawardena
96Swetha Rajasekaran
Pumilio (PUM) proteins mediated post-transcriptional regulation Wayne Miles
97Daniel Dayeh
Quadruplex-mediated affinity purification of DNA-induced slicing complex Kotaro Nakanishi
98Aniruddhan Govindaraman
R(A)PTOR - A tool for systematic identification of Poly(A) tails and 3’ unmapped regions from single molecule direct RNA-sequencing datasets Sarath Janga
99Xuan Ye
Rbfox1: extraordinary RNA binding specificity by optimized discrimination against non-cognate sequences Eckhard Jankowsky
100Bett Kimutai
Reaction kinetics, nucleoside preference, and impact of amino-acid-linked platinum analogues on RNA and DNA Christine Chow
101Tracy Roach
Recognition of RNA substrates by Thg1 family proteins Jane Jackman
102Justin Mabin
Regulation of alternative splicing by U5 small nuclear RNA variants Heidi Dvinge
103Rebecca Steiner
Regulation of translational fidelity in Salmonella Typhimurium Michael Ibba
104Robert Patton
RIPiT-Seq analysis suggests a compositional switch between structurally and functionally distinct exon junction complexes Ralf Bundschuh
105Mi Seul Park
RISC assembly of Argonaute correlated with the formation of internal water clusters Kotaro Nakanishi
106Kritisha Bhandari
RNA Aptamer Development for Biosensor by SPR-SELEX Mina Sumita
107Ali Aldhumani
RNA drug discovery: optimizing chemoinformatic analysis workflow Jennifer Hines
108Takahisa Nakamura
Role of hepatic RNA silencing in the pathogenesis of obesity Takahisa Nakamura
109Asmita Bhattarai
Role of hsa- miR-149-5p in Steroid Biosynthesis pathway Girish Shukla
110Michelle Gibbs
Role of the conserved GTPase BipA in assembly of the 50S subunit of the ribosome Kurt Fredrick
111Clara Smoniewski
Roles of multiple polymerases in trypanosome mitochondrial non-encoded mRNA tail addition Sara Zimmer
112Keshav Gc
RsmC shows RNA annealing activity during ribosome biogenesis Sanjaya Abeysirigunawardena
113Xiao Ma
Selectivity and editing mechanisms of an aminoacyl-tRNA trans-editing factor Mark Foster
114Madeline Su
SHAPE analysis of wild type and mutant htrA RNA thermometer in Salmonella enterica Rachel Mitton-Fry
115Rajneesh Srivastava
SliceIt: RNA-Binding Protein (RBP) centric genome-wide in silico library of sgRNAs for CRISPR/Cas9 screens Sarath Janga
116Sun Jeong Im
SPR-SELEX: New Method to Determine DNA Aptamers that Targets E.coli for Biosensor Mina Sumita
117Alisa King
sRNA-target Prediction Organizing Tool (SPOT) integrates computational and experimental data to facilitate functional characterization of bacterial small RNAs Carin Vanderpool
118Matias Montes
SRSF2: A Splicing Factor that Positively Regulates the Alternative Splicing of MDM2 Dawn Chandler
119Charlotte Kunkler
Title not published online Jessica Brown
120Rui Gan
STARzyme: a ribozyme with tRNA synthetase activity Barbara Golden
121Phillip McCown
Title not published online Jessica Brown
122Mengxuan Jia
Structural analysis of RNA in the gas phase using ion mobility coupled to native MS Vicki Wysocki
123Taylor Ayers
Structural Determination of the Interaction Between Two Critical RNA-Binding Proteins Andrea Berman
124Abhishek Dey
Structural Imprints of in vivo RNA Folding in human Parasites Kausik Chakrabarti
125Agnieszka Ruszkowska
Structural insights into the RNA methyltransferase domain of METTL16 Jessica Brown
126Arnab Ghosh
Structural Integrity Of rRNA Central Junction Is Essential For Ribosome Function Natalia Shcherbik
127Jake Durbin
Structure and Composition Define Immunorecognition of Nucleic Acid Nanoparticles. Emil Khisamutdinov
128Michael Brennan
Synthesis of higher order oligonucleotides for therapeutic investigations Eduardo Paredes
129Daniel Tener
Synthesis of single guide RNAs for CRISPR/Cas Eduardo Paredes
130Lauren Peltier
Title not published online Anita Hopper
131Aiswarya Krishnamohan
The conserved debranching enzyme, Dbr1, also decaps RNA in vitro Jonathan Staley
132Stephanie Biedka
The DEAD-box helicase Drs1 remodels nucleolar pre-60S subunits prior to C2 cleavage John Woolford
133Frank Tedeschi
The DEAD-box protein Dbp2p is linked to non-coding RNAs, the helicase Sen1p, and R-loops Eckhard Jankowsky
134Elan Shatoff
Title not published online Ralf Bundschuh
135Mariana Bonafim Piveta
The effects of Ultraviolet radiation on Ribosomal RNA and its post-transcriptional modifications Balasubrahmanyam Addepalli
136Amber LaPeruta
The GTPase activity of the ribosome assembly factor Nog1 is required for its release from the large ribosomal subunit John Woolford
137Devlin Moyer
The Intron Annotation and Orthology Database (IAOD) Richard Padgett
138Fatimah Matalkah
The Musashi 1/2 proteins are required for photoreceptor maintenance and development Peter Stoilov
139Alan Kessler
Title not published online Stephen Kolb
140Christine Lee
The translational landscape of glioblastoma stem cells Eckhard Jankowsky
141Evan Jones
Theoretical pKa Calculations of Modified Nucleobases using Explicit Waters and a Polarizable Continuum Model Christine Chow
142Frances Moore
Thermal stability analyses of RNA duplexes with 2'-branches Subha R. Das
143Lisa Yoder
Thermodynamic Analysis of the Rate of ATP Dissociation in a Truncated Variant of the DEAD-Box Protein Rok1p Ivelitza Garcia
144Amit Gaurav
Trypanosoma brucei TTAGGG repeat binding factor interacts with TERRA independent to its DNA binding activity. Bibo Li
145Kyle Smith
Trypanosoma brucei ZFP3 is a RNA binding protein that regulates the transcriptome and is a substrate for numerous protein arginine methyltransferases Laurie Read
146Luyi Cheng
Uncovering the Role of Cotranscriptional Folding in Riboswitches Julius Lucks
147Justin Peterson
Understanding the dsRBD mediated ADR-1 and ADR-2 interaction Heather Hundley
148Arpita Saha
Understanding the role of telomeric long non-coding RNA, TERRA, in Trypanosoma brucei Bibo Li
149Ben Jepson
Understanding the substrate specificity and biological functions of cytoplasmic tRNA methyltransferase (Trm10) enzymes Jane Jackman
150Rene Arvola
Unique repression domains in Pumilio accelerate destruction of target mRNAs Aaron Goldstrohm
151Samantha Sarni
Unlocking the mechanism of HIV-1 viral assembly nucleation with native mass spectrometry Wysocki Vicki
152Hong Duc Phan
Use of chemical modification and tandem mass spectrometry to identify RNA-protein contact sites in archaeal RNase P Venkat Gopalan
153Christina Psihountas
Using LC-MS/MS to detect tRNA modification profile differences in Bacillus subtilis Pat Limbach
154Megan Arnold
Using Limited Proteolysis to Understand Structural Changes of DEAD-box protein Rok1p Ivelitza Garcia
155Jamison Burchett
Using RNA interference to identify the acp3U tRNA modification enzyme in higher eukaryotes Michael Guy